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Qualcomm's new QCS400 chips make smart speakers more reliable

19 March 2019 3

Chip maker Qualcomm is behind building the brains of many smart speakers as well as other devices in the market. Most of the processors have been modified from phones and other mobile hardware for smart speakers which leaves them with a number of limitations. Qualcomm has now announced a new series of chips called QCS400 SoC series, which is designed to fit into various smart speakers, soundbars, and displays.

The new chips aim to provide more reliable, better-sounding, and potentially more portable experiences for voice-activated speakers. Nowadays most of the speakers are plugged into walls or are designed to communicate seamlessly in multiple rooms. They have difficulty in responding to a query in a noisy environment.

Traditional smart speaker users enjoy the higher sound quality that comes with more powerful amplifiers and improved AptX audio codecs. Qualcomm is aiming for home theatre lovers, as well as portable Bluetooth speaker fans with the new chip series. The new SoCs will enable many more hours of battery life due to lower standby energy usage and more efficient components.

Qualcomm’s chips will benefit companies that don't have the means to develop their own low-latency synchronization techniques themselves. Each SoC of the new series comes with a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. It has Qualcomm's Hexagon DSP to power AI improvements, display support, audio components, an Adreno GPU, and a host of security features. Qualcomm says that speakers powered by the QCS400 SoCs will allow smart speakers and devices to talk even when disconnected from the internet.

There are more than 120 million smart speakers in the U.S., and Qualcomm's latest chips will make it easier, and cheaper, for companies to develop new devices!



Qualcomm's new QCS400 chips make smart speakers more reliable
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