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IFTTT will no longer be able to access some data in Gmail starting March 31

22 March 2019 2

Google is implementing some API changes that will impact the Gmail service on IFTTT. Under a new blog post titled “Important update about the Gmail service,” IFTTT explains what is going away from its services and what will remain the same as before.

IFTTT has been proving itself a good helping tool when it comes to trigger certain actions and automate some aspects. And for Gmail as well, IFTTT allows you to auto-save attachments, create reminders, get notifications, or stay organized and much more. Now according to IFTTT, a new change affects a couple of functionality on Gmail. IFTTT explains due to Google implementing changes to its API ecosystem, you won’t be able to use “Create a draft action” and Gmail triggers on IFTTT.

However, other Gmail actions like “Send an email” and “Send yourself an email” will remain intact. IFTTT has provided the list of Gmail Applets which will be affected when the change goes live on March 31st.

An author of the tech site Not Enough Tech has also shared a copy of the email which he received via Gmail, stating,

we are making this change as part of ongoing efforts to make sure that your data is protected and private. These apps haven’t yet complied with our updated data privacy requirements announced on 8 October 2018.
You can always view, manage and remove apps that you’ve given access to your account by visiting your Google Account.

Note that as the mail mentions, Google announced new requirements for these apps on October 8 but IFTTT didn't compile with Google's updated privacy requirements. So ultimately, this has to be taken care of.

Not everyone uses Gmail for IFTTT but those who do know the importance of it. Recently, Google shut down a lot of services - Google +, Allo, and Hangouts; also, the Inbox by Gmail will cease to exist soon. The decision of Google to drop IFTTT on Gmail may have come after seeing some outcry that came in last year stating that Google was letting some third parties read your emails. According to IFTTT’s post, Google is going away from some action so as to support its efforts to improve privacy and security.



Google removing Gmail access from IFTTT, change to go into effect starting March 31
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If I counted it right, "IFTTT" appears 12 times in the story, but it's unclear what that IFTTT thing is. A full form would have been more helpful.


Though Gmail is my primary mail client, its use is very limited, like sending and receiving mail. Saving the mails in drafts automatically happens for me if I'm not immediately able to send the mail for some reason. So, pretty much unaffected by these changes.


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