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Google Home no longer recites every step during routines; Remotely enables DND on phones

13 April 2019 4

Google Assistant on Google Home has quietly acquired a behavioral change which makes it a better virtual assistant than before, of course. The feature which is live for only a few users, makes Google Assistant sounds less annoying. The virtual assistant currently recites every time that it does even though we can see that action happening. Well, this is even more annoying during routines, because Google Home would recite every action being done. Well, while it’s equally annoying to hear it during individual actions, we admire that Google actually knows the pain of hearing the voice of Google Assistant again and again in routines.

The routines include tons of steps and no one wants to listen to what Google Assistant is doing at every step. For instance, it may recite, “turning off the living room light,” and after completion of this step, it will do another action and recite that particular action. It’s good to see that the Google Home is no longer vocally reciting every step of routine for a few users and this means this change would come to everyone soon.

In another AndroidPolice’s report, the tech site states that the users can now ask the Google Home to silence the linked phone or to enable DND mode on that phone. Users can do so by just asking the Google Home speaker to do so via relevant voice command. For instance, users can say, “silence my phone” or “activate DND mode on my phone.”

Also, if in case several devices are linked to Google Home, you can be more specific by asking it to silent a particular device, for instance, you can say, “set my Pixel 3 XL to silent” in case you want to put only your Pixel 3XL device to silent.

According to the Google Assistant Help page, asking a Google Home device to "silence my phone" will enable Do Not Disturb mode for any phone on your account. So, it’s better to define your specifics.



Google Home no longer recites every step during routines; Remotely enables DND mode on phones
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