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VLC ban on Huawei phones has been lifted

17 April 2019 4

Huawei may manufacture some of the best smartphones but this doesn’t stop it from enforcing some of the most aggressive background task management profiles. This kind of behaviour caused VLC to crash while users played videos. Owing to the negative feedback, VLC app developers were left with no option but to block the app for Huawei devices. However, after having a change of heart, as reported by AndroidPolice, the block has just been lifted and Huawei smartphone users can now start using VLC.

So, why did VLC do so? Well, it did so thanks to Huawei! Huawei ultimately disabled its aggressive app killing feature by default. This means that VLC will no longer crash on Huawei smartphones. However, it seems like the backlisted app for Huawei devices still has a few issues on Huawei smartphones and the Play Store still lists it as a blacklisted app. The VLC block last year was applicable for the Huawei P8, P10, and P20 devices. Huawei P30 users have reported that they are able to download the app. Hopefully, this means that all Huawei phones will be able to do so as well.

Till now, both companies have been quiet about the ban being lifted. However, users seem to be happy enough. Hopefully, this will continue without any hiccups.



VLC ban on Huawei phones has been lifted
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