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World’s first In-display fingerprint sensor for LCD display announced by a Chinese company

26 April 2019 3

With more and more devices adopting the in-display fingerprint sensor it was about time that it became a mainstream feature. However, the major hurdle in bringing this technology to masses was the fact that the in-display fingerprint sensor was only compatible with OLED displays and OLED displays are costlier than the LCD displays.

To ensure that the in-display fingerprint sensor can work effectively, a visible light camera captured the image of the fingerprint and tried to match it with the one stored on the device. This light transmittance can happen through OLED panels while LCD panels do not allow transmission of light through them. Hence, we see all the smartphones offering an in-display fingerprint sensor house an OLED display.

Manufacturers have been long trying to change this and a major breakthrough has been achieved in this field. A Chinese firm Fortsense has revealed that it has been able to successfully develop an in-display fingerprint sensor for LCD displays. Its R&D claims that they were able to revise and improve the fingerprint optical path scheme through continuous modification and improvement of the LCD backlight panel, reports GizmoChina.

This modification has allowed them to solve the fingerprint imaging effect and other related issues. The company has adopted an algorithm-based approach which utilizes the deep neural network for optimization and faster recognition of fingerprint sensor on an LCD panel. As per the company, the fingerprint recognition rate is at par to the OLED panel-based fingerprint sensors.

This news comes to the delight of the manufacturers who wanted to implement in-display fingerprint sensor in mid-budget smartphones without increasing the price of the device much. If things go well, by the next year we may see budget and mid-budget segment phones sporting in-display fingerprint sensors.



World’s first In-display fingerprint sensor for LCD display announced by a Chinese company
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