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Microsoft patents Xbox braille haptic controller

07 May 2019 2

Microsoft is definitely pushing the boundaries of possibility with its new patent for an Xbox controller with haptic braille output. The company is empowering and encouraging visually impaired gamers to engage in multiplayer chats. While this seems farfetched, it isn’t out of the world considering Microsoft’s efforts in making the programmable Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The patent for the Xbox braille controller showcases a braille display along with six paddles attached to the Xbox One gamepad. The braille display shows text or audio through braille. So, what can this be used for? Well, it certainly comes in use for reading tutorials, menus, and even Twitch live stream chats. The game controller can even recognize speech commands and convert them into braille input.

This will definitely be a game changer if Microsoft managed to pull it off. Unfortunately, as of now its just a patent and a concept. Will it materialize into a finished product? Well, sadly that’s a question only time can answer!



Microsoft patents Xbox braille haptic controller
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One of the better features, in my opinion, is the ability to identify the speech commands as well as convert them in the braille input. That's indeed a welcome move!


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