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Project Athena laptops will have 9 hours of battery life

09 May 2019 4

Intel teased about its project Athena a few months back, and till now we know that the notebooks will be ultraportable premium ones. With just three weeks to go until Computex, the world’s biggest PC event, Intel has decided to reveal more about the Project Athena laptops. The company has promised that the laptops will deliver nine full hours of real-world battery life.

Project Athena is meant for "mobile go-getters" who need to access their laptops for long hours while on the move. Intel is finally shifting the focus to real-world usage models which include streaming videos while browsing the web and running multiple Office tasks while delivering 9 hours plus of battery life. Laptops under Project Athena will go through rigorous battery testing using a new wireless web browsing key experience indicator, as well as more background apps and higher screen brightness.

Josh Newman, Intel's VP of Client Computing, stated that Project Athena laptops need to deliver at least 9 hours of real-world battery life. This can be achieved by simply pairing a low-voltage CPU with a huge battery, however, the real challenge is to offer "a new level of responsiveness," like instant resume plus long real-world battery life. Intel is also pushing for thin and light designs as well.

"Project Athena Open Labs are a critical step in enabling more extensive, day-to-day collaboration with the components ecosystem to continuously raise the bar for innovation across the platform," said Josh Newman, Intel vice president, and general manager of the company's PC Innovation Segments, Client Computing Group.

Intel states that at least 10 Project Athena laptops are expected in the second half of 2019.



Project Athena laptops will have 9 hours of battery life
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