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Apple Card was ‘almost’ launched by Steve Jobs in 2004

22 May 2019 2

Apple recently surprised everyone by launching its own credit card, back in the month of March this year. During the launch, this physical card was termed as “most significant thing in 50 years” by Tim Cook and depending on the sides you take it was either considered a brilliant idea or yet another blunder. This card offers cash back to your wallet known as “Daily Cash”. But not many know that the idea of such a credit card was conceived none other than Steve Jobs a good 15 years back!

According to a former Apple Creative Director, Ken Segall, Steve Jobs, in a bid to think differently, envisioned a credit card which would give users iTunes points back in the day when Apple was still pushing users towards listening to music via iTunes on iPods.

Ads that Apple created back then can be found below:

As per Steve jobs plan, the iTunes card would’ve given users iPoints which would allow users to buy music from iTunes. Like the current Apple Card, the original credit card was supposed to come out in partnership with Mastercard. Ken adds that this project, however, could not see the light of the day as Apple could not get the terms it wanted.

Later Apple launched a co-branded card with Barclaycard which offered users Apple-centric benefits but nothing close to what Steve Jobs wanted.

The current Apple card, made out of Titanium, will not carry any card number, CVV number, expiry date and doesn’t even need a signature. It will be released in collaboration with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs in the US, later this summer.



Apple Card was ‘almost’ launched by Steve Jobs in 2004
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In today's digital and electronics world there's nothing in between. So quite true, there's to be either a brilliant idea or a blunder.


Mr. Jobs' idea was definitely a "vision" 15 years back. But it depended on those things that probably weren't under his control. That's why the deal couldn't take off in 2004.


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