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LG develops its own AI chip with neural engine for smart home products

22 May 2019 4

LG has developed its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) chip for smart home devices and its aim is to make the devices self-dependent so that they could operate even without a network connection. According to LG, its smart home devices will take advantage of on-device AI thus executing several tasks without the connection, whatsoever.

LG didn’t elaborate much on its AI, even the name of the chip is undercover but it did talk about some capabilities. LG said the new chip includes its own neural engine that will improve the deep-learning algorithms used in its future smart home devices, which will include robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. The chip will use “a separate hardware-implemented security zone” to store personal data.

“The AI Chip incorporates visual intelligence to better recognize and distinguish space, location, objects and users while voice intelligence accurately recognizes voice and noise characteristics while product intelligence enhances the capabilities of the device by detecting physical and chemical changes in the environment,” the company wrote in an announcement.

LG’s own AI chip will help the company to become competitive with other providers like Intel, ARM, and NVIDIA.

LG says its AI has been designed to enhance the recognition performance in the products as well. Here, LG exemplifies its image processing function that corrects for distortion caused by wide angles lenses and generates brighter and clearer images in dark environments.

LG didn't reveal which of its smart home product will be the first to gain this AI chip but it did say future products. So, let's wait to see when the company plans to bring them to the table.



LG develops its own AI chip with neural engine for smart home products
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Having an AI chip in the first place for LG and that too home made means a lot in the current market scenario. This will allow them to be self-dependent as well!


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