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Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones will fold outwards

24 May 2019 2

Samsung first ever commercially viable foldable smartphone was the Galaxy Fold. Well, we all know how that turned out. Unfortunately, due to various issues with the screen and a design flaw, the company recalled all review units in order to further investigate the issue. In addition to this, the company also stopped the shipment of all pre-orders until necessary improvements were made. This was Samsung’s idea of an inward folding smartphone. However, a newly published patent reveals that the company has also been thinking of an out-folding smartphone.

Rumour has it that Samsung is currently working on two new foldable smartphones. One of them is speculated to have a clamshell-like vertically folding design while the other will be an out-folding smartphone. A close look at the above image will reveal Samsung’s intentions for its foldable smartphones. The patent describes the devices as having a flexible display mounted on two separate cases joined by a hinge with a sliding mechanism.

In order to allow the display to fold outwards, the slide cover slides along a rail groove. To keep the device locked in place when unfolded, the company is making use of a locking unit mechanism. It seems like the launch of the Galaxy Fold is serving as a launchpad for Samsung to spearhead a new type of smartphone.



Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones will fold outwards
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There's no doubt that the failure of the first wave of Galaxy Fold prompted Samsung to dig deeper into new designs. And now suddenly, there are two new foldable smartphones from Samsung.


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