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Google Stadia's exclusive game Gylt is a stirring journey of a girl looking for her cousin

10 June 2019 0

Google answered your most asked questions about its cloud gaming service, Stadia at a special event recently. From big game titles’ names to the price of its service, we got to know about everything. Google has roped in several prestigious game boards so as to make its Stadia service look more enriched and versatile at the same time. Having said that, Google Stadia includes its exclusive game titles as well, however, we are introduced with only one till now. The game title is Gylt and as described by Google, it’s a haunting single player puzzle adventure game.

Google Stadia only exclusive game Gylt is developed by Tequila Works, the makers of the game RiMe and it joins over 25 other game titles of the streaming service. The game features a cartoonish character named Sally who is exploring the dark world while she's searching for her missing cousin Emily. Sally can be seen wandering the dark streets and damaged streets alone. She’s to travel this horrendous journey alone in a quest to find her sister. Throughout her journey, she experiences some ghastly and creepy moments. She encounters some shadowy creatures which look so awful. The game puts players face-to-face with such ghoulish characters.

This is just the trailer and we are yet to know how the game will take the form of combat. But the whole experience appears so harrowing and will definitely give you some chills, especially, the moments like, when the player would encounter things in a destroyed school, the drawings of eyes captioned, “we see you.”

This is just the only exclusive Google Stadia game announced, however, Google does have plans to bring more exclusive game titles via its own Game Studio. So, it’s not dubious to say that with Stadia, Google is also becoming a game developer as well. Google made a word on it at its GDC 2019 keynote. It mentioned that Stadia Games and Entertainment will be creating exclusive games for the new platform. It’s being led by Jade Raymond, a longtime producer, and executive at both EA and Ubisoft.



Google Stadia's exclusive game Gylt is a stirring journey of a girl looking for her cousin
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