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Oppo's team behind under-screen camera tech tells when it actually started studying concept

11 June 2019 0

Smartphones with under-display cameras currently appear to be a far-fetched concept but eventually it will arrive in the market, however, it’s unknown when. But it’s also an undeniable fact to note that this is going to be the purest form of a bezel-less phone. Manufacturers have tried multiple solutions so as to offer their take on bezel-free phones; from notches, punch-holes to even motorized cameras, we have seen it all. And, it’s sufficient to say that the market will take its own time to welcome a new kind of design that embeds camera under the display, just like the in-display fingerprint scanners.

Up till now, only a few names have popped up that are working on such design. Oppo and Xiaomi showed their solutions back to back and even Honor has the same solution which it confirmed to be under development. So, it’s quite evident that the Chinese companies are taking the initiative to bring new designs to the table. In fact, this isn’t the first time we are noticing it, of late, they all have been doing R&D on the designs and looking for possible better outcomes.

Days back we saw Oppo demonstrating this new tech and now its R&D team engineer is sharing some tidbits from behind the scenes. According to the engineer, Oppo started studying under-screen cameras as early as 2017. So, basically, Oppo was studying the implementation long before when even the display notch wasn’t a trend. But note that, Xiaomi was also the first to show its obsession with a full-screen display with the Mi Mix concept in 2016.

The engineer further stated that the biggest difficulty in implementing an under-display camera is that no one has ever done it. The camera tech under the screen needs to coordinate with various hardware and also needs to use algorithms to optimize the experience.

It’s not surprising that such experiments or examinations tend to start too early so as to note down any potential issues before they could go in the hands of buyers. So, we will continue to hear more about them in the coming months.



Oppo's team behind under-screen camera tech tells when it actually started studying concept
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