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Apple may finally have an answer to those merciless low-light ad trolls by Google

13 June 2019 0

Apple’s iPhone 2019 pack is expected to gain some serious upgrades in terms of camera. Well, iPhones do offer some impressive camera quality which is even incomparable to some. But Google Pixel phones have stood up as a very strong contender and even given a tough time to them in some of the aspects and that too with just a single camera. One of the best features of Pixel 3 cameras is the ability to offer bright shots in low light scenarios. This is Google’s secret sauce that makes Pixel 3 phones so special irrespective of an unlikeable design.

Well, what Google has, will continue to remain with it. And, others can only gain insights and learn from the success of its exclusive feature. And, this is what Apple seems to have noticed as well as it's been rumored that the company is bringing Pixel-like Night Sight feature to its iPhone 2019 models.

Well, a tipster named Max Weinbach has leaked the information to EverythingApplePro on YouTube that 2019 iPhone models will also have a “dedicated night mode” for taking photos in suboptimal environments. The YouTube channel cites the source and states in the video that Apple’s night mode will be similar to Google and Huawei’s.

The users will be able to activate this mode manually and it can also get switched on automatically at the appropriate times. Well, one must note that this is still a rumor even if it’s coming from a tipster who has a good track record of putting reliable mobile scoops.

Android followers want to have this Night Sight feature on their phones but Google has kept it official to its Pixel phones only. Debuted on Pixel 3 devices, Google made them officially available on its Pixel 2 and Pixel series as well. Since then, users have been waiting in hope that Google will also bring down this feature to other Android phones. But this seems highly impossible, at least, for now, since only a few things make Pixel series different to others and some features must be exclusive to company’s own hardware.

A Pixel-like Night Sight feature could mean we would see more and more billboards getting added to Google’s Night Sight advertising campaign and more fierce competition. Google has been shaming the iPhone's low-light performance in its every new marketing campaign and now we think, we will see some better billboards from Apple following the launch of iPhone 2019.



Apple may finally have an answer to those merciless low-light ad trolls by Google
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