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Google stops making its own tablets; Shifts focus on Pixelbook laptops

21 June 2019 0

Google is moving away from one of its most indispensable products’ line up, but it’s not announcing this shift officially. A few media publications have learned that Google will no longer pursue making its own tablet devices. This means we will not see any self-made Google tablet in the future, but the giant will continue to focus on its laptops line by shifting its resources and focus as well.

The tech publications cite Google’s spokesperson who states that the company has halted the production of two unreleased tablet devices, and there’s no successor to the Pixelbook Slate as well. Back in April, Google confirmed to TheVerge that it’s working on new Pixel tablets but no other details were uttered. It was expected that Google might showcase these tablets at its I/O but it didn’t happen and now we are reporting the plans have vanished completely.

Rick Osterloh, SVP, Devices & Service at Google clarified via his tweet that it’s true that Google’s hardware team will be solely focused on building laptops moving forward. But Android & Chrome OS teams are 100% committed for the long-run on working with the partners on tablets for all segments of the market. He further clarified that Pixel Slate will be supported for the long-term as well. So, while he didn't explicitly make a comment on the fact that the company isn't pursuing in making its own tablets, his indirect confirmation that it will be "solely focused on building laptops" clears everything.

It’s clear that while Google will now focus majorly on its laptops segment, it’s not fully moving away from the tablets or hasn’t left supporting it completely. Its self-made tablet Pixel Slate that arrived last year is still dear to the company and it will not stop supporting it. The only difference is, it has just stopped making its own tablets and those unreleased tablets have been canceled completely. Reportedly, the company did have two smaller-sized tablets under development but earlier this week, it decided to drop all work on those devices. Reportedly, the news broke internally in a meeting on Wednesday.

According to ComputerWorld,

Google is currently working to reassign employees who were focused on the abandoned projects onto other areas. Many of them, I'm told, have already shifted over to the laptop side of that same self-made hardware division.

Well, it’s currently unknown and even unimaginable to say why Google suddenly stopped making its own tablets.

It’s possible that we’ll see a new laptop from Google’s Pixelbook product line before the end of this year. This is just a guess as we believe Google will definitely bring something from its laptop segment to maintain the continuity after abandoning tablets for laptops completely. So, we expect to see new Google-made laptops coming our way as early as this year.

For comparison, where Apple has announced a dedicated OS for its tablet series, Google is moving away from them completely. To the uninitiated ones, Apple at its recently held WWDC event announced iPadOS, its special OS for the iPads as it believes “time has come to recognize the platform in a special way.” So, the difference is evident, where the competitor is putting more focus on its tablet series, Google has some other plans for moving ahead. It should be noted that Google tablets have struggled in the market in the past as well and didn’t manage to attract many buyers. We can’t comment on it or say if this is one of the ‘main’ reasons of leaving self-made tablets behind but it’s good to see that the company will focus more on what actually matters.



Google stops making its own tablets; Shifts focus on Pixelbook laptops
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