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Google Pixel 4 may produce more vivid shots, thanks to P3 wide gamut color support

25 June 2019 0

Google Pixel 4 appears to be coming with some interesting features if some speculations are to be believed. However, there are enough traces available that hint at somewhat tangible possibilities, like the inclusion of Soli radar chip, automatic white balance adjustment and more. Now, a new trace is found that indicates the possibility of an interesting feature that Google might be coming with finally.

Well, this is the wide color capture support which seems to be coming with the Pixel 4 devices, in fact, last month Google announced that the wide color photos were coming to Android, but we didn’t hear much about it or any kind of follow up development. But now as spotted by XDA Developers’ Senior member, this feature may finally be debuting with Google Pixel 4. A code found in the Google Camera app allows for wide color capture and it may come as a toggle feature.

The wide-color capture or the P3 gamut is a range of colors that is 25% larger than the sRGB color space. Apple iPhones capture images in P3 gamut and thus have better color management in images. Several Android phones click better shots than the iPhones but there’s one advantage of capturing with an iPhone and this is the ability to capture a wider range of colors. The output is more vivid shots

Coming back to the trace, the developer even tested this new feature to see if there are some changes included. The shots he captured showed the colors outside the sRGB color space. The before and after shot using the toggle shows the difference between the picture quality.

As you would see, the colors captured in P3 gamut appear more vivid with higher color contrast between the petals and its shadows.

Google Pixel phone’s camera has already proved itself to be worthy in the world of smartphones filled with multiple cameras. And, now this P3 gamut support will enhance the value of shots taken with Pixel phones further. It’s yet to be seen if this is going to be a Pixel-exclusive feature or is it coming to all Android phones as Google announced last month.

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Google Pixel 4 may produce more vivid shots, thanks to P3 wide gamut color support
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