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Oppo premiers first under-display camera tech, a brand new solution for full-screen phone

26 June 2019 0

The world’s first under-display camera technology has just been introduced. Well, the solution using this new camera tech isn't going to be available too soon but, Oppo has at least carved its name in the pages of history for being the first in the race yet to start. We first saw the company demoing this prototype earlier this month and now at MWC 2019 Shanghai, we are seeing the camera tech getting premieredworldwide, but it’s still in its early development and also not ready yet to hit the market.

While unveiling this new kind of product in which selfie-shooter is beneath the display, Oppo talks about how this technology works. Oppo showed off both customized 'translucent' display and camera module. The camera lens is positioned under the display, so it’s obvious that the module needs a transparent thing over itself so that it could intake the light and produces good shots. Oppo, at the event, explained that it has used a unique highly-transparent material with redesigned pixel structure to ensure optimal transmittance of light. To further enhance this new kind of technique, a different camera is also used which has a large aperture, a big sensor, and greater pixel size to combat any light refraction.

Furthermore, Oppo talks about three algorithms which are backing up this new system and enhancing the quality of pictures which at least for now could get wrong. Having a solid material on the top of the camera sensor could result in blurry pictures. Oppo says these algorithms work on enhancing the picture quality without compromising on the display performance. But do note here that the company Vice President Brian Shen already conveyed that the quality shouldn’t be high as the new technology is still under development. Shen took to Weibo a few hours before the launch to make a verdict on the same.

Talking about the algorithms, the very first is the White Balance algorithm which makes target adjustments and calibrates carefully. The second HDR algorithm reduces overexposed highlights and increases brightness in shadows. The third Haze Removal algorithm helps in increasing the sharpness of the image, maybe by fighting with the issue of light transmittance.

Oppo remained silent on specifications and other features such device may come with, in the near future. This is perhaps because the under-display camera would be the only new and key feature of the device to notice.



Oppo premiers first under-display camera tech, a brand new solution for full-screen phone
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