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Oppo MeshTalk aims to make calls with no possible network connection

27 June 2019 0

While the tech world is slowly moving towards next-gen connectivity options, researchers might be researching on some ways to keep you connected with the outer world even when there’s no network connectivity or internet around. Well, Oppo appears to be one of those researchers which has at least made it possible to bring this tech somewhere in the future. At MWC 209 Shanghai, Oppo introduced such tech that could let you send texts and make calls without internet and carriers as well.

Oppo looks at an unfavorable condition that we might have experienced at some point in our life. It's how are we going to make calls if there's no network connectivity, no Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth even? With its MeshTalk tech, the Chinese company is possibly giving a solution to this question. Oppo defines it to be the decentralized short-range communications solution that lets you send messages without the need for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Cellular Data between devices up to 3km apart.

Oppo MeshTalk can route the message through several nearby devices so it can reach its target even if it’s too far for a direct connection. It uses a custom chip with enhanced sensitivity to achieve even long-range communication. It’s a low-bandwidth system which means it will consume less power.

Oppo hasn’t yet disclosed the kind of technique MeshTalk is using or when such phones enabled with MeshTalk would arrive on the market.

Oppo is aiming to develop phones that can last 72 hours in standby with MeshTalk active. It’s good to note that when every smartphone company is striving for the next-major connectivity, Oppo is going opposite and looking for answers to the questions that we may ask somewhere in future. If implemented, MeshTalk could come out as a boon in an emergency.

Oppo didn’t detail much as the tech is quite in its early stages. But, it has at least shown at the event what its R&D team is actually doing or where they are heading. MeshTalk raises many concerns like security is the main aspect of it, but since Oppo hasn’t revealed the process behind it, we can’t yet comment on the security. The tech routes message through devices in a mesh, so it means the data is transmitting through devices and this raises questions on how the security is going to be achieved. Well, we are curious to know more about this tech, let’s see when the company decides to pull off the curtains from it.



Oppo MeshTalk aims to make calls with no possible network connection
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