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Samsung may launch Mate X-style foldable phone before Huawei could

27 June 2019 0

There comes yet another report that claims Samsung has more foldable devices in works already. Such reports escalate our curiosity to a new level, especially when Samsung hasn’t made its first foldable device available to the masses yet.

The report coming from The Korea Herald claims that Samsung is working on Huawei MateX-like foldable device and it will, in fact, launch this device before Huawei could launch its first foldable device. Those who aren't familiar, the Galaxy Fold has a panel inwards and it opens like a book, whereas the Mate X has an out-folding design.

The report cites anonymous sources and shares, “Suppliers have already begun mass-producing major parts, and possibly even the phone itself.” It's somewhat weird to note that Samsung hasn't yet made available its take on foldable devices and it's already looking to release a Mate X-like foldable device and that too before Huawei, well, only if we consider the report to be true.

Clearly, the race to become the first company to release the foldable device is getting aggressive, but primarily from the South Korean company's side only. Huawei is indeed in the race but currently, it doesn’t seem to be ready in its combative style.

The Chinese company is already going through a lot after the US ban, so it needs to think of several aspects before rushing to anything. Samsung, on the other hand, doesn’t have any such restrictions but its own issues are holding it back. Its first foldable device, Galaxy Fold couldn’t go into the hands of the masses as some review units started gaining screen damage issues too early. So, Samsung had to call them back and delay the release date eventually. Meanwhile, Huawei postponed the launch of its Mate X device from June to September. It said this was done to conduct additional testing to ensure that there were no problems with the device. A spokesperson, in fact, also said that the company is now more cautious after seeing what Samsung getting some trouble with the Galaxy Fold.

There have been reports that Samsung has more foldable devices in the works. A report came in March said that the company has two foldable devices with different designs than the Galaxy Fold. Then in May, it was reported that Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones will fold outwards. Also, a very recent report from a media publication even reported some specifics of one of these upcoming foldable devices.

Well, this is obvious that Samsung might not be sitting idle after the launch of Galaxy Fold. In fact, the research on more foldable designs must have started before Galaxy Fold already. This is a new category of phones which will definitely take some time to become mainstream but the companies haven’t launched them as a prototype. It’s just the start of the new era and we will see more such devices to join in sooner or later.

  • The Huawei Mate X isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Samsung may launch Mate X-style foldable phone before Huawei could
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