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Microsoft Cortana coming as a separate app on Windows 10, beta app available

01 July 2019 0

Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant will soon arrive as a separate app on the Microsoft Store for everyone. Currently, the assistant comes built into the Windows 10 but soon it will be used as a separate app and that too after you download it from Microsoft store. A Cortana beta app has appeared in the store and it hints that the digital assistant could eventually become independent.

The first trace of decoupling of Cortana arrived earlier this year when we saw Microsoft is separating Cortana from the Windows 10 search bar in the taskbar and now the presence of beta app inside the store is enough to tell that it’s eventually happening.

The idea of releasing Cortana as a separate app is supposed to offer it more features and capabilities quickly. Its current tight integration with Windows 10 hinders it to gain certain features. It only got updated when Windows 10 OS got major upgrades. So, if arrived separately, Cortana will gain frequent updates without worrying about Windows 10 update schedule.

It’s unclear when Microsoft will release the separate app for its virtual assistant but it looks to be connected to the upcoming beta phase of its codename 19H2 Windows 10 Update. The new 19H2 update is expected to arrive later this year.

If you’re interested to try out this new beta app then follow the link provided below. Note that this is the beta app and may contain some flaws.

Microsoft Cortana app beta | Windows 10 | Microsoft Store, Free



Microsoft Cortana coming as a separate app on Windows 10, beta app available
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