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Google Pixel 4 spotted but donít expect any clear view | UPD: New live image

12 August 2019 0

Update: August 12, 2019

The Google Pixel 4 has been spotted once again and this time as well, there's no clear picture of the device that could build genuine thoughts. But a traveler claims to have seen someone using a Pixel 4-like device during his journey. The UK-based blog writes, "today, I saw a prototype of the Pixel 4, on an airplane. One of Google’s employees was taking the phone for a test drive, two seats away from me."

The image shared by the blog isn't good in quality and it appears that the spectator took a zoomed-in shot, as mentioned he was sitting two seats away. So, the image is little pixelated and the changes can't be seen properly. However, on the blog, he has shared what changes he observed. In fact, he claims, the spotted device told him a lot about. But let's start with what's visible. The device appears to be having a minimal top bezel with a single selfie camera placed on the top-left side. The position of that lens matches the one shared by Google.

To add here, the blogger claims the phone had a white back with a metal frame and a black square camera setup. However, it’s possible that the white rear was a skin on the phone. The phone also had an orange-colored power button, on the right side of the device, just above the volume rocker. So, these were some of the things gleaned and shared by the blogger. The leaks on the Pixel 4 will continue to come. So, stay tuned and come back to know more.

Original Post (July 15, 2019)

Google’s next-generation Pixel phone has been spotted in the wild once again and this time as well, we aren’t enough lucky to get a clear glimpse of it. In fact, the device is encased in a back cover which is hiding the device’s design but the camera cutouts are able to tell that this is the much-speculated and rumored Google Pixel 4.

Despite the full cover on the back, the camera cutouts are just too distinctive and it’s fair to say that this could be the Galaxy Pixel 4 with dual cameras. Mind you that Google itself gave a glimpse of its all-black Pixel 4 last month to showcase what’s coming or what they have produced this time. Later in the same month, an alleged live image of the device was spotted as well.

Note that the camera arrangement on the device that Google shared goes similar to what we are seeing in this spotted image. So, there’s not a single doubt that it’s not Pixel 4. However, it’s still not a clear picture and we are eager to get a full-fledged look of the device someday, well, of course, before its actual launch day.

Google Pixel 4 series has been tipped to feature thicker profiles than their predecessors. The device is also expected to come with a 16MP telephoto camera.

A keenly-eyed 9to5Google reader sent this snap of the Pixel 4 taken at London Underground.

An allegedly leaked Verizon marketing calendar revealed October launch timeframe for the Pixel 4 which isn’t surprising to note, considering Google launches its new hardware in October every year. There’s much more to learn about the device especially when it’s attained some significant changes this time. Meanwhile, let us know using the comments section below, what do you think about the camera sensors arrangement in Pixel 4.

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Google Pixel 4 spotted but donít expect any clear view | UPD: New live image
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