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Samsung users experience faster download speeds than Apple in most of countries | Report

07 August 2019 0

In a new survey to analyze consumer mobile experience, it has been found that Samsung phones offer faster download speeds than Apple and Huawei. The study was conducted by Opensignal across 73 countries and over 18,000 unique smartphone models were taken under study.

According to the key findings by Opensignal, Samsung outdid Apple in 35% of these countries, which is across 40 countries. On the other hand, 17.5% of countries analyzed iPhones offering better download speeds. According to the report, in the remaining 48%, none of the three were fastest although Huawei users were joint-fastest in seven countries.

The list of countries where Samsung triumphed includes the US, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Italy, and a handful of others. And, Apple iPhones found success in fetching the faster speeds in Brazil, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and the UAE.

Samsung users reported the highest speeds in Norway and they were able to get 12Mbps speed during the study. In UAE and Taiwan, the download speeds iPhone users experienced were 14.7 Mbps and 8 Mbps faster than Samsung users' speeds.

The study which was conducted in several countries split the smartphone users into three groups – low, mid, and high-tier, based on smartphone’s mobile network capabilities. According to Opensignal, high-tier Samsung users experienced faster speeds than Apple and Huawei users with global download speeds of 26.7Mbps, 25.1Mbps respectively.

In the mid-tier segment, Apple users experienced faster speeds of the three largest smartphone brands, while Huawei was the fastest among low-tier users.

For a wider or international comparison, the study included the phones from Apple, Huawei, and Samsung because not every brand like Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, and Vivo are available in every country.



Samsung users experience faster download speeds than Apple in most of countries | Report
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