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Google Photos can now also search for text that appears in images

23 August 2019 0

Google has baked a very interesting feature right inside its Google Photos and it’s coming as soon as this month. Google hasn’t announced it officially but its subtle reply to a tweet made by a user confirms everything which is coming sooner.

Starting this month, Google is rolling out a feature of Google Photos that would let you search your photos by the text in them. Interestingly, it would work for any kind of photo, any image you clicked, any image stored in your library, or even a screenshot you took someday.

So, for instance, if you’re looking for a screenshot you snapped a month back but not able to locate it then you can enter the text present in that screenshot in the search and look for the photos. The best part is, once you find the photo you’re looking for, you can easily copy the text inside them and paste it to your clipboard for your use. Google specifically shares the example of long and confusing Wi-Fi passwords which can’t be written manually. So, this feature will come as a boon and would let you copy the passwords easily. Apart from it, the feature is pretty ideal for searching for particular documents.

This is the function of the Google Lens inside your Google Photos. It has a powerful optical character recognition (OCR) filter that can pull text from an image. No matter how small a text is or at which angle you clicked the image, Google Photos will be able to search for it and present the results to you. It will present every image to you that has that searched term in it.

According to the user who first spotted and reported the same on Twitter, open Google Photos and select screenshot you want to extract the text from. Then Pick “Lens” and highlight the text you want to copy and then choose Copy and Paste it to your Notes section or wherever you want.

Another user replied to the tweet with the result showing all the images he searched by the term durian.

This is a very interesting feature and will be helpful in several ways. What do you think about it?



Google Photos can now also search for text that appears in images
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