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Google Chrome making notification prompts less annoying on mobile devices

27 August 2019 0

Google Chrome does offer a way to get rid of those annoying notifications that pop-up every time you visit a new website. Prompts like giving the disclaimer that the site would like to accept cookies, get your location, or want to show notifications do annoy the users.

You can choose which websites should be allowed to send you notifications or which websites should be blocked from sending them entirely. But for this, you would need to go to the site settings and disable the popups completely.

Now, Chrome will soon come up with a setting that will make these notifications less unwanted. A new flag introduced to Chromium nightly allows users to set quieter notifications. The name of the flag is “Quieter notification permission prompts” and it will make notification prompts less annoying.

This flag is currently not working but it should come to Canary build soon.

The flag brings a few different options to choose from – Default, Enabled, Enabled (Heads-up notifications), Enabled (mini infobars), and Disabled. The heads-up notifications should be for the same pop-ups that we’ve had with us and the “mini infobar” maybe a small overlay on the top of the address bar.

But we are yet to experience how quieter the new options will feed the notifications.



Google Chrome making notification prompts less annoying on mobile devices
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