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New Pixel 4 XL hands-on images give a cleaner look at Face Unlock and its overall design

24 September 2019 0

Another day and here comes another leak on the Pixel 4. The device isn’t a mystery anymore but the excitement hasn’t faded away. The fresh features of the Pixel 4 lineup make us curious to explore it when it arrives, no matter how many times we have heard about them. It was the company itself which revealed the look of the device and later unraveled a couple of key features as well. The leaks followed this trail and we are even now learning about the same features again and again.

There are so many hands-on videos and images on the Pixel 4 available already and now a new set of images have surfaced to tell you perhaps which is already known. Now, Nextrift has shared a few hands-on images of the Pixel 4 XL. The report splurges out many key details while a few crucial things couldn't get a mention. But we at least, get a better look at Face Unlock this time, alongside its overall design which particularly shows off the “light matte finish” on the back of the device.

But before moving and digging into the new set of hands-on images of the Pixel 4 XL, one must note that this is the half-cooked device. The design is finalized, of course, but it’s still running the pre-release software, so, obviously, certain things won’t work properly. The site which managed to obtain the device mentions that the camera doesn’t work properly.

The device has a light matte finish where it feels more like glass but not shiny that could slip away. It’s a plus point to have such finish as the back panel will be able to resist the fingerprints or day-to-day light scratches.

One of the hands-on images confirms the 90Hz display as well. This setting is available under the Smooth Display option which lets you dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 60Hz and 90Hz. But it’s unclear exactly when the panel would be set to 60Hz or 90Hz. It’s possible that the apps may not support the highest setting and rather run at a lower refresh rate.

The site mentions the Face Unlock is quite similar to Apple’s Face ID, in fact, the setup process for the Face Unlock is very similar. According to Nextrift, once the feature is set up, a glance is enough to unlock the Pixel 4 XL and it appears to work even in darker environments as well. Also, Face Unlock is the only biometric security option Google has added to the Pixel 4 XL. There isn’t any in-display fingerprint sensor and not even a conventional capacitive one.

This is a pre-release unit and the Project Soli isn’t enabled for motion controls. So, the working of the same can’t be commented on.

The tech site has also shared some camera samples taken with the Pixel 4 XL, but do note that these have been produced or processed by underdeveloped software which means the quality of the pictures can’t be judged as of now. But you can head over to the source link provided below and take a glance at them.

Well, we are still at a fair distance from the launch event of the Pixel 4 which is happening on October 15. We may see more hands-on images or videos coming our way and reveal some untold features.

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New Pixel 4 XL hands-on images give a cleaner look at Face Unlock and its overall design
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