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Pixel 4 overflowing leaks reveal Motion Sense to work in 38 countries and with these media apps

27 September 2019 0

What's left is nothing! This could be the proper introduction of Pixel 4. With the number of leaks we are reporting each day, Google should just come to the stage at the launch event and announce the price and say goodbye till next year. A lot can be said on the leaks vs promo affair which has become quite common these days but this article is about pouring the leaks in front of you that we collect from the ongoing flood.

The site 9to5Google is pretty much active in revealing the key details of the Pixel 4 and once again several leaks are coming from it. Google has already confirmed that the new Pixel 4 will have motion sensors for hands-free interaction and now the leak has dug a bit deeper to enlighten you on the related stuff.

  • Motion Sense will work only in 38 countries -

An author at 9to5Google has managed to obtain an exact list of the countries in which Motion Sense will work. Motion Sense is executed with the help of Project Soli, which uses advanced radar technology and it requires permissions from the relevant authority of the country around the world. For instance, in the US, Google had to take a special exemption from the FCC to market Project Soli technology. So, according to what has been observed, there are a total of 38 countries where the Motion Sense will work. These include the US as mentioned, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Demark, Hungary, Spain, Taiwan, and more. You can head over to the source link provided below and check if your country is listed. For your quick reference, India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Japan missing the Motion Sense compatibility.

  • Motion Sense to come compatible with 9 media apps at the launch -

Moving on, the tech site also tells that the Motion Sense will be compatible with only 9 media apps at the launch. Well, the best use of Motion Sense gestures is to use to control media playback without touching the phones. And going by the latest tidbit, this feature will let you do so but in the beginning only 9 media apps are compatible. Good news is, all your favorite and most popular media apps are compatible, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Pandora, Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify Stations, and iHeartRadio.

One of the usages of the Motion Sense confirmed in an official promotional video is the ability to skip songs with a wave of your hand.

  • Live wallpapers and Recorder app -

Next up in the leaks trail includes the live wallpapers support from all past Pixel phones. According to what’s observed, Pixel 4 will let you apply any wallpaper from the past Pixel phones. So, if you have any favorite wallpaper from the past, you will be able to use on the upcoming Pixel phone iteration. The old backgrounds are accessible in the new Material Theme Google Wallpapers app.

Furthermore, according to an exclusive report from 9to5Google, the Pixel 4 phone will offer at least four themes by default compared to the Pixel 3 with which only one theme is available. The tech site has uploaded a video that gives a hands-on demo of Pixel 4 theming app. We have embedded here for reference.

In its another exclusive report, we get to see the new ‘Recorder’ app from the Pixel 4 in action. According to the report, the Recorder app comes pre-installed on the Pixel 4. The app’s icon has a bright orange color with an audio waveform pattern on it. The app is a simple recording app and when you open it, you will see a record button at the bottom of the app.

The Google Pixel 4 is available at Amazon for $ 549. To see others 10 offers click here.
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Pixel 4 overflowing leaks reveal Motion Sense to work in 38 countries and with these media apps
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