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No Mi MIX 4 is coming, only MIX Alpha exists | UPD: MIX 4 may also exist

03 October 2019 0

Update: October 3, 2019

Xiaomi Official has now made a new post in which he said that his previous post on Weibo was misunderstood. According to what has come out of the translation, it wasn't "rumored that there is no MIX 4, nor has it confirmed that there is MIX 4, simply saying the phenomenon."

So, basically he neither confirmed nor denied on the existence of the Mi MIX 4 and this left us in great confusion.

Original Post (September 30, 2019)

Xiaomi has broken its silence on the existence of a new Mix device in works by confirming that there’s no MIX phone in the works other than their futuristic Mi MIX Alpha. It’s reported that for a long time now, some leakers or fanmade stuff have been making rounds on the internet and claiming on the existence of Mi MIX 4 and even sharing the specifications which they may like to see.

In the stream of leaks, we even heard that the Mi MIX 4 will come with the latest and the massive 108MP sensor but all these speculations have turned out faulty and misleading as the company's brand promotion manager has spoken on it. The phone was even rumored to hold Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 12GB RAM and a 1TB internal storage, and 90Hz refresh rate.

Xiaomi’s fan following were eagerly waiting to see the 108MP-equipped Mi MIX phone since the day it was rumored. But all those expectations have vanished completely and there will be no MIX device other than Alpha, at least for this year.

Those who’re unfamiliar with the Mi MIX Alpha concept phone should know that the company unveiled it during the Mi 9 Pro 5G event in China. It’s basically a concept phone which may not be ready to get released commercially to the users. It features a wraparound display which starts from the front and ends seamlessly to the back of the phone. There’s only one strip of the bezel that is available on the back and it’s been made to house the cameras. The overall design of the Alpha looks stylish and futuristic and thus it has a higher price tag as well. We are yet to learn if Xiaomi has plans to make it available for purchase to the consumers.



No Mi MIX 4 is coming, only MIX Alpha exists | UPD: MIX 4 may also exist
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