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Google testing Duplex-powered Assistant in Chrome, movie ticket booking sites get first

02 October 2019 0

Google Duplex, an AI system for accomplishing real-world tasks is steadily growing so that it could fit in like a real assistant in your lives. Google Duplex aims to do tasks with minimal user inputs and we have already seen one scenario where the system is becoming quite helpful. During the introduction of the Duplex at this year’s I/O event, Google demoed how this AI system is capable of making calls and booking appointments for you.

The Google Duplex is a continuous process and it will take advancements to bring meaningful improvements in people’s experience. Also, it’s just not about making calls on your behalf and inquiring a booking, the AI system is much more than that because it’s aim is to become the natural assistant that could help you in several ways. Google also made a promise that the Duplex AI system will land on the web as well and now we are seeing a bit of the implementation as well.

Google Duplex is now able to buy movie tickets for you in Chrome and according to Google, the AI system is now rolling out for many movie ticket booking websites like AMC and Fandango in Chrome. While searching for movie tickets within the Google search will give users the option to buy tickets with Google Assistant. A prompt to “Buy tickets” appears and you can tap on it to let Assistant handles the rest of the process. You just need to interact with it whenever it requires the information from you to book movie tickets.

Along the process, it may ask you “how many tickets would you like,” “select your seats,” which you need to select on your own, well, you can’t guide it to select a third row, first column seat from you so this minimal amount of input makes sense. The Assistant overlay stays throughout the process and you can see it happening. It also shows messages like finding your movie, selecting your seats, and so on to tell you what’s going on.

After confirming the selection, the Duplex-powered Assistant can handle the payment and fill the forms automatically for you, provide the information is saved on Google Chrome already.

So, this makes the whole booking tickets things faster with much fewer inputs from users. Note that Google Duplex is a technology for conduction natural conversations or building a natural environment of conversation so as to carry out “real world” tasks and the new feature on Chrome will work this way only. So, the process will not be the same every time like the one exemplified here. Duplex will respond in real-time to what’s on the screen as Google touts the aim of Duplex on the web is to offer a live experience.

When Google first demonstrated the power of Duplex at its I/O event, it was amazing to see Assistant doing natural converse and booking a restaurant on the call. It’s a big thing already but it’s a smaller piece of the bigger picture of what the Google Assistant is capable of. Google Assistant is growing better and bigger and we are eager to witness its growth.

In the near future, we expect to see Duplex-powered Google Assistant working with more websites and services.



Google testing Duplex-powered Assistant in Chrome, movie ticket booking sites get first
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