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Google Clips is no longer available from Google Store and it may not surprise you

17 October 2019 0

Google’s tiny and cute camera Clips is no more and the reason behind its death is unknown. We recently learned about the Daydream View shutdown and now this. Both have been great projects but had a short life. It’s not good to hear that the AI product with a great idea of capturing moments on its own is dead. The AI product records video clips at moments when its machine learning algorithms determined to be interesting or relevant.

Google Clips was announced back in 2017 alongside Google’s other hardware. The idea behind this clip-on accessory was good but its price wasn’t. Launched for $249 in the US, the device allowed users to record clips for up to 3 hours. While the idea was really admired, the reception wasn’t really great and people had some mixed reactions for it.

The Google Clips was cute but creepy which used to watch everything and then figure out what to capture using its machine learning mind. Remember Elon Musk’s comment on the work of Clips, it was “it doesn’t even *seem*” innocent.

Google Clips had its days, no matter how sloppier the journey was, the product will remain in the pages of history. The product even received a couple of upgrades here and there but there was no proper attention given to it.

Google scraps projects and services for so many reasons and like with many others, the reason behind the pulling down of Clips is unknown as well. It’s possible that Google may come with a verdict of why it did so but the removal of seemingly forgotten products shouldn’t come as surprise.

What is your opinion, what do you think about Google Clips?



Google Clips is no longer available from Google Store and it may not surprise you
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