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OnePlus 7T durability test concludes the device has fragile glass panel

19 October 2019 0

OnePlus 7T, the “culmination of design and engineering” perfectly stays between the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. Being the perfect package of performance and price, OnePlus7T effortlessly becomes one of the best Android smartphones of 2019. It inherits some features from its bigger sibling OnePlus 7 Pro but at a lesser price and that what makes a great difference. The 90Hz display hasn’t only given the device a smoother glide but also added that flagship essence to it which not every smartphone today has.

There are so many other things to love about the powerful yet decent OnePlus 7T but can is it also powerful from outside? The device is perfectly optimized and flawless inside but what about its external power? Can it handle scratches? Or any fall? Well, to answer all these questions, you know who to turn to.

Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything with his tools has done some durability tests on the OnePlus 7T to check the endurance. As usual, the series of tests start from the scratch test and like everyone else, the OnePlus 7T also starts showing the scratches at level 6 on Mohs scale of hardness and deeper grooves at level 7. This means our routine things like car keys, coins, and even razor blades won’t cause any damage to the glass, but please be worry about accidental falls and keep your phone protected.

Surviving the burn test on the display, the OnePlus 7T undergoes the bend test where it fails. The device didn’t get in flex but it did get some harm on its back. The phone cracked in the center of the phone along the edge and spread upwards the massive circular camera module. It’s unknown which design flaw contributed to the glass breaking. Zack says it’s hard to say whether the flexible frame of the tight glass tolerance or the large hole cut in the glass became the cause of this breakage because many smartphones he has tested so far have survived the bend test. This reflects the OnePlus 7T should definitely be wearing a case to avoid any crack.

Watch the complete durability test and tell us what do you think?

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OnePlus 7T durability test concludes the device has fragile glass panel
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