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Report on Apple assembling iPhone XR in India receives a substantial proof

21 October 2019 0

Last week, it was reported that Apple has started manufacturing the iPhone XR in India and now a report from WSJ is corroborating it with possibly substantial proof. The provided image is apparently the retail box of the iPhone XR which shows the device has been assembled in India. This alludes that Apple has already started selling “assembled in India” iPhone XR units in the country.

The specific mention of the XR is a part of a more general report on India’s push to attract manufacturers to move production. This is apparently the decision to move the supply chain to other countries due to the rising trade war between China and the US.

India is reportedly luring the big brands since the risks of doing manufacturing in China rise amid trade tensions.

The plans of Apple moving some of its manufacturing plants to India have long been into consideration and now it’s finally happening.

It’s expected that following the iPhone XR, more iPhones could join the manufacturing process in the country. Foxconn has reportedly upgraded its plants to make more sophisticated smartphones.

India’s PM Narendra Modi wants to rebrand India as the next great smartphone manufacturing hub. WSJ report reports, “The government is crafting a new set of rules to encourage the creation of clusters of international phone brands and parts makers that would make phones exclusively for export, according to people familiar with the plans.

India is making a push to get Apple Inc. and other big brands to switch production there as the risks of manufacturing in China rise along with trade tensions.

The government’s effort has become more pressing as the country struggles with an economic slowdown.

India will be more attractive, particularly in the light of what is developing between the US and China. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal […]

The assembling of the iPhone XR will not save your money because as per the report, Apple is just saving the 20 percent on the import duty and this will not lead to any price drop for the consumers. So, this news is limited to just the fruitful partnership between Apple and India. Don’t expect the prices to come down for the consumers.



Report on Apple assembling iPhone XR in India receives a substantial proof
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