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Google Stadia is hogging more data than we expected | Report

20 November 2019 0

Google Stadia’s early impressions recorded at this year’s Gamescom were all so positive, but easy to ignore as well, since the experience provided to enthusiasts was made to happen in a controlled environment. Fast forward to now when Google Stadia has reached the users for some real-time assessment, the streaming service is showing some disappointment in the shape of a few issues that can't be overlooked.

First off, the invite codes have not been received by all the users who ordered it and this is the reason they are not able to log into the service. Also, as per TheVerge, the 4K game streaming was not truly 4K despite using the service on a high-speed connection.

Now one more issue has come to everyone’s notice that Google Stadia is hogging much more data than we expected. Taking into consideration the insights provided by Google at the time of the introduction of Stadia, a rough estimation was made on the amount of data the service will use. According to that rough estimation, the amount of data the Stadia should use is 15.75GB when streaming games in 4K, but according to some early reviews, the service is hogging over.

Google is reportedly now warning that Stadia can use up to 20GB of data per hour for 4K, 60fps video. The over amount of usage is no different even if you are streaming at a lower resolution. PCGamesN, VentureBeat, Digital Trends and more have tested the service and had similar observations.

We can’t fail to notice these stats, especially when they are totally opposite to what was estimated. These data cap issue could cause problems, but it looks like Google has the impression that users streaming its service in 4K would have pretty much a good amount of data that an over-usage of data can easily be neglected.

Seeing all these issues, it appears Google Stadia still needed some time to ripe properly. But noting that it is the first attempt from Google, we look forward to improvements.



Google Stadia is hogging more data than we expected | Report
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