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Sony AI hub launched to advance R&D in gaming, imaging, and gastronomy

21 November 2019 0

Sony has announced Sony AI, a new hub to pursue advanced R&D in the Artificial Intelligence area. This new organization has its offices globally in Japan, Europe, and the United States. Sony AI is not an independent product/business division nor it is a unit of Sony’s Computer Science Laboratories. It is rather an independent hub of Sony’s basic R&D of AI whose research results will be leveraged by Sony’s AI-related projects across the company.

Sony has announced that its Sony AI hub will drive the R&D through some flagship projects that are gaming, imaging & sensing, and gastronomy. This research will help in Sony’s existing gaming and hardware (imaging and sensors) for even better performance in the respective industries.

A company always puts its research first while planning a new product, service, or project. Imaging & sensing, and gaming as well have already been put forward after a thorough study.

Sony is already developing products with the help of AI and has been engaged for years in a host of AI R&D projects like Aibo, a robotic dog.

But a new hub will help further in knowing the intricacies associated with these fields and offer result sets based on which Sony will refine its products even further. Sony AI will offer the findings which were untapped before and should be taken into account for better performance. And to process the necessary things, Sony AI may have some underlying technologies as well.

It is not possible to predict now what new capabilities the Sony AI will unlock but expect to witness some added intelligence to all the aforementioned projects. For a little reference, Sony’s spokesperson has shared a video, imagining how AI will help the “gastronomy” field. The video clip explains, “This is not about AI replacing a chef, but about the collaboration among chefs, robotics and AI.”

Hiroaki Kitano, president, and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., will run Sony AI globally.



Sony AI hub launched to advance R&D in gaming, imaging, and gastronomy
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