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Galaxy Fold sales hit 1 million units | UPD: Spokesperson reportedly denies

16 December 2019 0

UPDATE: December 16, 2019

Samsung may have denied the media reports stating the company has sold 1M Galaxy Fold devices since the launch happened in September. Samsung Electronics President Sohn Young-Kwon said at a conference organized by U.S. tech media TechCrunch on Thursday that the South Korean tech giant has sold 1 million Galaxy Folds, but reportedly a spokesperson has denied the fact.

According to Yonhap,

Sohn may have confused the figure with the company's initial sales target for the year, emphasizing that sales of the tech firm's first foldable handset have not reached 1 million units.

Original Post (December 13, 2019)

Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company’s first-ever foldable phone has successfully hit 1M sales unit. Samsung Electronics’ President Young Sohn revealed the sales figure at en event. It is worth noting that customers have shown their interest and put ultimate faith in first of its types of devices, even though the price of the device is too high and it still needs some special care.

Sohn said, “there are a million people that want to use this product at $2,000.”

The demand for the Galaxy Fold is quite high and has been acknowledged by the company several times. It was reported back in September that the company is adjusting the second batch of pre-orders to meet the demands. The first pre-order batch came with a limited number of units of the Galaxy Fold and disappointed many potential buyers. The reluctance of the company to start with a limited amount is understandable since the device went through some serious damage during its first release.

In October, the pegged sales were reportedly at 500,000 units and now the number has grown to glorious 1M in more than just a month.

The Galaxy Fold phone had to go back to the company for some redesign so as to solve the issues that caused the damage to happen. The foldable phone also underwent some more tests before its second official release to the market. It is interesting that the buyers kept the faith in Samsung’s innovation and bought this “handle with extreme care” device.

Such great sales numbers would encourage Samsung to further grow and bring some even better form factors in the foldable phone segment. The company is reportedly already working on its next Galaxy Fold device is rumored to launch it in February. Going by the estimation made in October and cited by ETNews, Samsung is aiming to sell around 6M Galaxy Fold units in 2020. So, achieving the 1M mark in 2019 is definitely a treat for Samsung and it will help it in achieving the desired mark faster.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Galaxy Fold sales hit 1 million units | UPD: Spokesperson reportedly denies
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