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Samsung's 'NEON' getting all the attention before CES 2020 launch, but what is it?

23 December 2019 0

Samsung has many new smartphones to launch next year and several leaks on these phones might have increased the level of curiosity in you. But the actual show stopper is not the smartphone filled with some usual upgrades, rather, it is something else and no one has made the right guess on it as yet.

STAR Labs, an independent research entity of Samsung Electronics has been teasing about something mysterious that goes by the name NEON. The top executives at STAR Labs, Bo Moon, Head of Strategy and Pranav Mistry, President and CEO have been teasing NEON for a while now but none of them has shared any details. They both have tweeted and asked to make guesses on the same but with no details shared, we can’t even make vague ones.

However, there are some teasers available that reflect NEON is something related to Artificial Intelligence.

The teasers include “HAVE YOU EVER MET AN ‘ARTIFICIAL’?” again with no additional information, but enough to reflect the possibility.

The interesting part is, Shekhar Kapur, an Indian-British film director appreciated the work done by Mistry in a tweet and even commented “What SiFi movies have just started exploring, the Indian born scientist @pranavmistry is bringing soon to your home. An Artificial Intelligence being as your best friend? Come see us at #CES2020 at the NEON corner.” Mistry has even retweeted the same with a comment stating “I like the way you said it.”

Kapur’s other tweet is even more ciphered “Finally, Artificial Intelligence that will make you wonder which one of you is real….where artificial intelligence ceases to be artificial.” So, could NEON be something related to holographic screens or AR and AI? We can't answer it yet.

So, we guess something for the Indian entertainment industry might be coming as another personality praising the same in a tweet corroborates it. Aditi Raval, a Celebrity Host, and Reviewer tweeted the excellent work done by Mistry on NEON and shared something amazing coming soon.

Kapur gained widespread success with the science fiction film Mr. India in 1987 and he is also the creator of an unfinished sci-fi Indian movie called the Time Machine which was to feature some leading actors of the Bollywood industry. So, while it is seemingly evident that NEON is something related to sci-fi movies, the exact purpose is still unknown.

Interesting enough, one more personality to show interest in NEON is the famous tipster Ice Universe. He has been keenly following the tweets and news around NEON and believes it to be the most eye-catching product at CES 2020.

Also note that Mistry is a computer scientist and is best known for SixthSense, a wearable gesture interface that allows the user to interact with the physical surroundings using hand gestures. There are other inventions as well that have given him recognition in the science and technology field.

So now you know Samsung has something very exciting to unleash at the very start of the year, you must be interested in knowing more about it. NEON has its social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can follow it there and curb your curiosity with the help of several official teasers. And.. there is an official website as well which again doesn’t share anything. There is just a landing page with no information included.



Samsung's 'NEON' getting all the attention before CES 2020 launch, but what is it?
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