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Samsung is showcasing a lot of interesting C-Lab projects at CES 2020

30 December 2019 0

Samsung’s Creative Lab Projects (C-Lab), an in-house incubator program always brings its new innovations and products at the CES. It helps Samsung’s employees nurture their own creative business ideas and launch new startup companies. And, like every year, the C-Lab will also showcase its new creations at the upcoming biggest consumers electronics trade show.

Samsung now has two C-Lab segments, one is the in-house start-up incubator set up called the C-Lab Inside and this will be the fifth year of C-Lab participating in CES, another one is the expanded one called the C-Lab Outside that nurtures outside start-ups in Korea by providing the resources.

Ahead of its CES event, Samsung has announced which products its C-Lab team is bringing this time. There are many projects from C-Lab Inside and C-Lab Outside that will be showcased at Samsung’s booth on January 7.

There are five new C-Lab inside projects included –

SelfieType - The first is SelfieType that uses the selfie camera to analyze the finger movements and converts them into Qwerty keyboard inputs. Interestingly, the setup requires no additional hardware and it is highly adaptable to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Hyler- The second innovation is quite an interesting one, called ‘Hyler.’ It is a smart highlighter that collects information from the paper and digitalizes it onto mobile devices for several purposes. It has search capabilities as well to offer you meanings of texts using dictionaries linked to it.

Becon - Next up is Becon and it’s a health-related product that analyzes your scalp condition and recommends the products matching the condition. It appears to be a hand-held device and may get available commercially to buyers. There are several hair specialists that claim to use high-end devices to check your scalp condition and recommend product accordingly. It is possible that with the help of Becon, you will be able to check it on your own comfort.

SunnySide - The fourth one is ‘SunnySide,’ which is basically a window-shaped lighting device that produces artificial sunlight and changes the production by copying the full spectrum of the actual sunlight. It can be easily mounted on the wall like a picture frame.

UltraV - The last one is ‘Ultra V’ a new type of sensor that records ultraviolet rays daily. Users will be able to monitor and manage their skin condition and Vitamin D production.

There are C-Lab Outside projects that will be showcased at CES 2020.

Circulus - The first one is Circulus that showcases a humanoid robot, ‘piBo’ for single-person households. Like some digital assistants, piBo offers guidance on news, weather, search information and can do simple conversation as well. Samsung claims, piBo interacts with users based on emotional analysis of facial expressions and contents of conversations and gives an appropriate response. With the help of the robot application store, users will be able to add new features and content.

FITT - Next up is the FITT which is a healthcare data platform to maintain personal health records. FITT provides three types of exercise tests; cardiorespiratory, posture and muscle strength.

Vtouch - The third one is a technology called ‘Vtouch’ that enables users to control devices without physically touching them. Samsung claims the tech uses patented computer vision together with the user’s eyes, fingertips, and deep-learning technologies. It can be proved very useful in smart cars, smart homes.

Smoothy - The last one is Smoothy, a video chat application that starts video chat in a silent mode when the call is first connected. It also integrates Samsung AR Emoji for a fun conversation. It connects up to 8 people at once. The app is already available on Android and iOS (Smoothie?) for download. It is available for devices running Android 5.0 and above and iOS devices running iOS 10 or above. It is available in several languages.

Apart from the new projects, eight older C-Lab Alumni projects that have been spun off into full-fledged start-ups will also be showcased. These are Linkflow, Welt, Linkface, Lululab, Mopic, Monit, AnaloguePlus, and Luple. While the app appears to be available in many countries, its interface is Chinese.

Also, note to forget, Samsung's STAR Labs also has something very interesting to announce at CES 2020. The hype is already so much around the mysterious NEON and we want to get more insights on the same.

CES event starts on January 7, catch all the latest coverage on the event.



Samsung is showcasing a lot of interesting C-Lab projects at CES 2020
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