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Samsung NEON may create a visual of you, hints trademark application

02 January 2020 0

More details on Samsung’s puzzling NEON project have surfaced but consider them some of the remaining parts of the puzzle which would still not bring up a complete picture. NEON creators have been teasing about the project for a while now and the biggest revelation was telling you that NEON is nothing but an Artificial Human which is again somewhat inexplicable.

Only a bit of information is present on the NEON project and the latest one is no different. The USPTO patent watchers LetsGoDigital, however, have managed to dig into the latest filed trademarks by Samsung. According to the site, Samsung Research America has recently submitted 4 related trademark applications to the USPTO. There are various trademark categories for NEON, these are NEON Life, NEON Artificial Human, and Samsung Core R3.

And looking at the description of the application, it can be said whatever we have been assuming about the NEON project is somewhat true.

Samsung NEON description: Entertainment services, namely, production of special effects including model-making services, computer-generated imagery and computer-generated graphics for the production of motion pictures, videos and movie trailers; augmented reality video production; creating computer-generated characters; design and development of computer-modeled versions of human beings using computer animation for use in movies, television, internet and other applications; design and development of software for virtual characters; creating for others custom computer-generated imagery, animations, simulations and models used for entertainment.

The description is enough to indicate that Augmented Reality is going to play a big role here. It is being assumed users will be able to generate a virtual person themselves with the help of special software made available through NEON.Life.

The following description is included with the application for NEON Artificial Human, NEON.Life and Core R3 –

Downloadable and recorded software for creating, viewing, manipulating, editing, malfunctioning, publishing, and exporting virtual characters; downloadable and recorded software for developing virtual characters; downloadable and recorded software for computer-generated characters for use in movies, television, internet and entertainment purposes; computer programs to create, deploy and distribute realistic looking virtual characters via an internet platform ; design and development of computer-modeled versions of human beings using computer animation.

Here, the description, exporting and downloading virtual characters, computer-generated characters, realistic-looking virtual character all point to the same assumption that the project may create a “visual of you.” This even came to notice by some early fanfare of prominent personalities of Bollywood. Shekhar Kapur, an Indian-British film director while appreciating the work done by STAR Labs tweeted, “finally, Artificial Intelligence that will make you wonder which one of you is real.”

Also later on, Pranav Mistry, CEO of STAR Labs clarified that NEON is not Bixby at all. So, gathering all the bits, we can come to a conclusion that NEON is something more visual, something more interactive and better than traditional digital assistants that we currently have.

Samsung already offers an advanced version of the AR Emoji that can be used on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. So, we expect to see even more progressions with NEON. Samsung has even stated that NEON can become your best friend, so it seems likely that you can communicate with your generated virtual character. We can’t wait to meet this sci-fi project. What are your thoughts?



Samsung NEON may create a visual of you, hints trademark application
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