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OnePlus shares what camera improvements and upgrades are coming

28 January 2020 0

OnePlus once again held its Open Ears Forum where it asked users to give feedback on the videography and what improvements they would want on the existing and upcoming phones. It was a two-day workshop in New York where the participants raised their questions and eventually looked for commitments from the camera team.

Now, OnePlus on its community forums has shared the challenges or concerns of invited videographers along with the replies to them, stating if it is possible or what’s the status of a particular feature if it is already underway.

OnePlus shares that the exposure, color, white balance shift are some of its first priorities and main goal to bring it soon. Apart from this, the skin tone improvement is also one of the company’s top priorities and it will be improved via future system updates. Also, it will push both hardware and software upgrades for autofocus in 2020. Upon showing concerns on sharpness, OnePlus said that it is trying to find the new balance between sharpness and noise.

OnePlus is also bringing stabilization support for 4K recording. OnePlus confesses that there are hardware limitations but 4K super stabilization will be supported in “some” of its future devices.

OnePlus is also working on HDR to solve dynamic range problems. OnePlus shares that bringing a faster camera is one of its main goals for this year. The future updates will help to improve this feature. The company is also looking to bring the 1080p and 4K in all the three supported lenses, allowing the videographers to switch between lenses while recording.

Another important feedback for the company is the single-handed use, which is most wanted. There are some improvements around the image quality that will also enhance the quality of third-party apps like Twitter and Instagram.

Talking about the AR emoji, OnePlus says it still hasn’t found a “killer scenario for AR in the video” and it is not a priority for now. However, there are some third-party apps already available which one can use to spice up their videos. Also, the company is looking for user scenarios where the recording from the front and rear at the same time could pose helpful.

OnePlus is also working on the Night mode for night video and the time-lapse feature is already in future product plan. The company also plans to completely update the Gallery app’s video tools. OnePlus hasn’t underlined any specific features but did say that many of the requested features during the OEF will be supported and it will announce something related to color grading soon.

OnePlus has been improving the cameras' experience with every new smartphone but it is still somewhere behind the competitions in this segment. It definitely excels when we compare its two phones from different generations but the upgrades have never been too drastic. We hope such OEFs help the company to ultimately bring a perfect contender.



OnePlus shares what camera improvements and upgrades are coming
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