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Tough Fossil Q Smartwatch is easy to repair, watch this teardown

15 December 2016 4

Fossil Q is one of the most famous Android Wear smartwatches. The watch is even IP67 certified just like the Apple Watch. It just turned one and we are eager to know the innards of the watch. JerryRigEverything, known for his brutal and harsh endurance tests applied on the latest and hottest gadgets has now come up with a teardown video of the Fossil Q.

Opening the watch isn’t that complex and can be done without any hassle. The YouTuber first removed the 4 small Phillips head screws that hold the metal band to the brains. And, it was quite easy to separate the two from each other. The back of the watch is made up of plastic, this is because the wireless charging doesn’t work through metal. Pulling out the back panel off showed some yellowish glue and a black rubber gasket.

The rest of the teardown is quite smooth until you try to remove the logic board that is welded to the frame clock, though lifting the board is easy. The reparability is easy; can be repaired without any problem. Unfortunately, replacement parts are hard to find.

Jerry says,

This smartwatch is literally the best feeling smartwatch I have ever worn, and ive tried out a bunch! I enjoy the heavy, quality feeling, metal band. This is a watch you would wear to a business meeting, and not so much at the gym.

You can watch the full teardown of the Fossil Q Smartwatch down below –



Tough Fossil Q Smartwatch is easy to repair, watch this teardown
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Hi. My q wander is just 2 years old and the rubber gasket has partially come out from the casing. The screen lifts off slightly too. How do I fix it without damaging it please?


Companies should focus more of developing such brands that will be easy to repair. Only will then the potential consumers will turn into customers.


This is the second teardown that I got to see in a video format of late. Before this, I saw dozens of teardowns in the form of image galleries. But, this one is easy to follow and understand.


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