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KENT Water Filter- Home Water Purifier Price list India

31 August 2008 71

Kent Mineral RO Water Purifier

Kent Grand+ Price in India (Buy it here) :Rs.15,207

  • Double Purification by RO & UV
  • Corrosion free lifespan
  • Elegant design
  • Fully automatic

Kent Pearl Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.15,767

  • Double Purification by RO & UV
  • LED indicator for power and purification display
  • Detachable tank
  • Computer Controlled Operation

Kent Excell+ Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.15,953

  • Double Purification by RO & UV
  • 7 litre hydrostatic tank
  • Filter change alarm and UV Fail alarm
  • Fully automatic

Kent Pride Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.14,200

  • Secondary purification by UF after RO
  • Suitable for raw water
  • Corrosion free lifespan

Kent Super+ Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.14,499

  • Compact design
  • Operate within 160-300V AC voltage
  • Retains essential natural minerals in purified water
  • Auto-start and auto-off

Kent Wonder Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.15,899

  • 7 Litre capacity
  • LED indicators
  • Fully automatic
  • Double Purification by RO & UF

Kent Elite Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.28,190

  • Double Purification by RO & UF
  • Corrosion free lifespan
  • Enhanced water quality
  • LED indicators

Kent Elite-2 Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.50,989

  • Double Purification by RO & UV
  • Filter Change Alarm & UV Fail Alarm
  • Fully automatic
  • leak - proof performance

UF Gravity Water Purifier

Kent Smart Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.4,280

  • Non-electric Online UF purifier
  • Detachable tank
  • Suitable for low TDS water
  • Removes viruses also

Kent Gold+ Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.2,521

  • Better disinfection of water
  • Purification by Ultra Filtration Membrane
  • Transparent tank
  • No use of chemicals

Kent Gold Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.2,439

  • Long life Ultra Filtration membrane
  • 20 Litres stroage capacity
  • Better disinfection of water

Kent Gold Optima Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.1,523

  • Purification by UF Membrane
  • Removes bacteria as well as cysts
  • 10 litres storage
  • Transparent tank

Kent Gold Cool Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.3,359

  • Purifies through UF Membrane Gravity purification system
  • keep the purified water chilled for more than 8 hours
  • No use of chemicals
  • Use of Activated Carbon

Kent Crystal Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.2,614

  • Works without electricity
  • 15 litres storage capacity
  • Long life membrane
  • No use of chemicals

UV Technology Water Purifier

Kent Maxx Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.7,105

  • Double Purification by UV & UF
  • Filter Change Alarm & UV Fail Alarm
  • LED indicator for power and purification display
  • Fully automatic

Kent Ultra Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.5,489

  • Extremely effective in killing bacteria, viruses & other micro-organisms
  • Fit-in UV alarm
  • The 11 W high energy UV Lamp

UF Tap Water Purifier

Kent Tap Guard Price in India (Buy it here) : Rs.1,950

  • Removes residual chlorine and unpleasant odour from tap water
  • 3 - mode water selection lever
  • Easy to find out when its time to replace the cartridge



KENT Water Filter- Home Water Purifier Price list India
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Poor service and after sales service.
I purchased a Kent super star from Reliance Digital and just 6 months back. There was some issue in machine and it was not working. On calling the service centre they say we are not liable for any warranty or service if the machine is purchased from Reliance. The vendor is liable for servicing the machine. We mention the warranty but it has to be given by the vendor.
Was there on a call with the call centre team for an hour and finally had to pay Rs 300 as service charges despite of the machine being under warranty of 3 years free servicing.
Mr Praful floor manager
Mr Sumit Kumar (Emp ID AE011912631)
Mr Gaurish Singh (Emp ID AE011912683)
All have denied any help or free servicing. They clearly say it is not mentioned in our website that we don't provide free servicing but you have to call our call centre for clarity.

Absolutely no care on servicing and after sales support

suresh Dabhadgaonkar

I'm using Kent super for last fourteen months. Your service dealer is not providing me good service.Today I change Auto flush ultraviolet tube outside Kemplo filter service charge he takes 1955rs. Pls tell me any warranty of parts...


I m Nirmal singh. I want to purchase a kent water purifier. Plz suggest me best and difference RO UV and others. Also send me price list of the same at Jammu

ramesh chandra sharma

I am using Kent pride RO+UV+TDS Water Purifer since last 2.5 years. Presently Your Local Dealer is not providing me service support. since one year i have changed sedimantation ,carbon,and third no filter .at present my filter is not start condition .sir pl suggest me what is the maintanace charge of filter per year and what is the life of mortor and what is the chage of new mortor and garantee period of new mortor.MY ADDRESS :-


I would like to replace my water purifier UF membrane of kent gold. I bought it in 2010. Please let me know where can i buy it in Ashram , Delhi. Thank You.

Rajendra Singh Negi

I want to buy water purifier. please tell me about difference between RO & UV.
Which is suitable in Dehradun, Uttarakhand (ONGC Area).
Terms & Conditions after purchasing, Service & maintinance.
Also give details about AMC.

Rohan S

No official service centre in Kashmir .
Following are in Jammu :

Alson Enterprises
30, 1st Floor, Sec-2, Gurudwara Shopping Complex, Nanak Nagar, Jammu-180004
Telephone : 0191-2456704, 9419144558
Email :

Telephone : 912438817
Email : karanenterprisesjmu@gmail.com

New Srishti Home Appliance Care
14-A, Shastri Nagar, Jammu-18004
Telephone : 0191-2457758, 9419282870
Email :


Dear All friends SAWDHAN SAWDHAN... mai hun es water purifire se PARESHAN sun lo mujhase is ki sahi sahi DASTAN. i installed RO+UV+TDS before two years. even in the warrenty period it started giving problems of motor, tds and much more and about same problems i circulated mails to all the officers all over the india but invain. My unit is not working for last six months. First of all no one will pick up your phone calls and even if some one picks it up by chance, in reply they will say our person will come to you and months no body will turn around and no boby will give you proper service. This water purifire is just like its brand ambssador Hema Malini i.e. Purani technology. Aaj ke jamane me Chalti nahi, Baharse Khubsoorat aur andarse khokali (toilet ki balty). I think Word IRRISPONSIBLE, RASKALS AND BASTERDS ARE THOUSAND TIMES SMALLER THAN WHAT THEY ARE. many times i think to go to consumers court and the media. lekin phir sochta hun ki GATAR MAIN PATHAR PHENKNESE KYA LABH. BHIKARI KO IS AMOUNTSE BADI BHIK AUR KYA HOGI! Mai to sir itna kahunga PAHALE ISTAMAL KARO PHIR VISHWAS KARO... ADHIK JANKARI KE LIYE IS DOST KO YAD KARO...09960347996.


I am using Kent RO Water Purifer since last 2 years. Presently Your Local Dealer is not providing me service support. After several time reminding, they have not visited to my home for servicing.
MOBILE NO. 9827173017

Santosh Kumar Arjunahi

Hi I am Santosh Kumar from Delhi Faridabad Boarder. i would like to buy a RO+UV+TDS controller water purifier. Please let me know on my mail id & can contect 9958119912, tell me your distributor in Faridabd, Badarpur, Govindpur & Kalkaji address & phone number also let me know if u have any discount scheme.


no doubt kent is good company, good quality filters, but in service part. company should not rely on the dealers who are sellig. thete should be atleast 2 dedicated company technicians in the city like hyderabad

Dr kulvir

it is horrible to study the mails.when everyone is complaining about poor service,then there must be something wrong.i was ready to buy one but prior to delivery of he system i casully opened this site.now i have changed my decisicion.i will buy either aquaguard or some so called desi but with good repute.


hey....m confused.i want water purifier+ro+softer for home...which van b attached to my overhead tank...please suggest me the product..


I want to keep another water purifier for my house, while i went to contact one service co ordinator Ms.Arthi regarding this grand+ , while the bargaining she will not come to a our budget level.



i want to purchace a kent water purifire for home whice price is avarage and service is good . i want the purifore which used without ligth and gas . i m canfused with is good for me and my house plz give me all ditails of price and service and your suggestion all. reply


I would like to know details of the Kent RO water purfication machine. Do you have any distributor in Andhrapradesh ? Please let me know.


Rev Utpal Rana

Any body not buy the kent mnarel wter system because their service is not good. i brought a new product before three years but this id no working. I informed many delar but they are silent.

Daisai, Purba MIdnapore.

Tanveer Walia

i would like to buy kent excel water purifier , i am living in patiala,punjab, india , pls. tell me your distributor in patiala and address so that i can buy during dewali i have tried to make contact with u by sending message to u on 53636 but there was no reply from your company pls let me know fast bcoz the area in which i am liveng has vry dirty water supply and i am finding really vry difficulty please let me know its price so i can futher proceed , also let me know if u have any dewali discount scheme

Nehal vora

Hi I am Nehal from Mumbai. i would like to buy the list range of yours water purifier. Please let me know on my mail id & can contect 4256-6471. would like to buy kent excel water purifier , i am living in Mumbaipls. tell me your distributor in mumbaiand address also let me know if u have any dewali discount scheme


hi myself bought one last year .now m facing problem and service centre asks us to get service contract on payment of rs. 4000for two years otherwise we will have to pay approx. 3500/4000 per year on change of filters .tooooomuch expensive to maintain and we have no alternative except to either agree or forget system,pl. advise

ganesh kumar mv

i have purchased kent ro3 machine last 8months back and have had a lot of problems with that machine since day one. the automatic stopping systm does not work properly and the service techinician does not respond to your call after repeated calls he will come do some magic and after he goes back from the very next hour the machine has the same problem . the best possible worst service i have ever seen and i advise not to purchase this instrument at all

ravi kumar

hi...i m ravi from delhi . i want a water purifier with suitable price and good quality?

plz contact me?
my email id is => rhl88_88@rediffmail.com


The purifier works well, but the company that sells it is the worst of its kind. They overcharge for the device(try 15,000 for the lowest model) and the filter goes bad every 3 months leaving you about 2,300 poorer. It has been my worst buy ever even though the water I get in the tap is soft water. I would suggest that if you care about the quality of water then it will suit your needs, however if you want to spend thousands of ruppees every month just for water then this is probably not worth it. Try RO or Aquaguard. Never buy this product


Hi if you are looking to buy a Kent water Purifier pls contact 09844365253 only if you in and around Bangalore.Please dont worry about the Service comments given by others.Customers normally face problem when they buy units on the road side,where the Local vendors sale the product and flee.pls buy units from Authorised dealers where they can give you a Original Invoice.which carry their companys Tin Number.
pls call at 9844365253 for more details.

sheshagiri rao

I want to buy an water fillter required for 3- people daily with and/or power supply.Iam living in mahalingpur ,tq-Mudhol,dt_ Bagalkot.Please tell me the address of nearest dealer.


I have been using kent Ro purifier since 7 months and so far i am very much satisfied with its service. The service center no of kent is : +91-120-4669666 (For Delhi & NCR). And to check the availability of Kent purifiers in ur nearby you can simply visit http://kent.co.in/market_reach.html and contact them as well.

ATM Zakaria

Hello to Kent,

I am from Bangladesh. I was surfing the internet for many days for a small scale purifier. I found yours and was willing to buy your water purifier but it was difficult for me to import one or two water purifiers from you.

But today, I found your water purifier here in mega shops and super shops in our capital city Dhaka. I was happy to see them and tried to buy one but unfortunately all of them is not enough prolific to meet my needs so I was disheartened, I was looking for a large capacity one all of them was just 15Ltr/h but I do need more capacity one.

Now my question is to you, have you any water purifier that treats water upto 100Ltr/h? I saw in your website, that your Kent Elite II has a capacity of 50Ltr/h but I did not found a 100GPH (1 gallon per hour e.g. 378 liters ) one. Please reply me having been a friend. After knowing the right model No. from you, I will request the local importer to import that model from you.

Another question is that I read that you Kent Elite II has a Duty Cycle 250 ltr/day. What does it mean? Is it mean that the machine can not be operated more that 5 hours in a single day? Thus 50 Ltr X 5hours (a day) = 250 liters? If this is true so why canâ??t I run the machine 24 hours a day. My requirement is that I will run the Kent water purifier in my community center so I must run the machine 24 hours in every day. Please let me know more. After getting answer from you, I will communicate the importers who imports Kent purifier from you. If your Kent Elite II can be run 24 hours, then it can meet some of my needs at least to some extent. Then I may buy 2 of this Kent Elite II.

Okay, it ends here, I will be looking forward to here from you. Bellow is my Email Address.

Kind regards,

ATM Zakaria
Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Kent RO service have poor, very poor or we can say poorest customer care center.
even in there service center no one can pic the phone...

so avoid to purchase Kent Ro system because of there poor customer care support


I am raja from ashapura we need 200 litre per hours capacity of drinking water R.O plant please tell me supplier and make who is the best for quality and cost wise.Most urgent near by trivandrum is best to servicing and install the plant.


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