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Philips Water Purifier Price list in India - Water Filter

19 September 2009 3

Philips UV water purifiers

Philips WP3890/01 UV Class A Price in India : Rs.7,120

  • Advanced UV technology and activated carbon
  • Alert for filter replacement
  • Low electricity consumption

Philips WP3889/01 Price in India : Rs.6,495

  • With Power UV+ Technology
  • Pure Protect Lock prevent  dispensing of impure water
  • Low electricity consumption

Philips WP3891/01 UV Class A Battery backup Price in India : Rs.8,020

  • Purifier with battery backup and Pure Protect Lock
  • Can work even when there is no electricity
  • Advanced UV technology and activated carbon

Philips WP3892/01 UV Class A Intellifill Price in India : Rs.9,495

  • Power UV+ remove's bacteria, virus, cysts
  • Lock dispensing of impure water
  • Advanced UV technology and activated carbon

Philips WP3893/01 UV Class A Battery backup Intellifill Price in India : Rs.10,445

  • Advanced UV technology and activated carbon
  • Purifies water in pre-set quantity
  • Interactive and convenient settings

Philips - On tap water purifier

Philips WP3861/00

  • Easy installable on tap
  • Silver coated active carbon filter
  • Improves the taste of water

Philips WP3811/00 Price in India : Rs.199

  • Compact and easy to install
  • Removes bacteria, organic compounds and chlorine
  • Maximum performance without electricity

Philips WP3861/01

  • Cleaner and better tasting water
  • Easy installation on tap



Philips Water Purifier Price list in India - Water Filter
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I bought aPhilips water purifier on 23-05-09, against JS no-JAsn0010920000581, reg. no.-123278. We are total 3 in my family. First filter changed on 08-10-09. Now it is down again. That means Rs 600/- in every 3 months. Think about it's performance and circulate it to all.


I will buy Philips WP3890 Water Purifier â?? Rs.6,900
What is the transportcost for sending for our costumer in germany and europe ?


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