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Videocon D2H 4K Ultra HD and Tata Sky 4K Set Top Box Launched

04 February 2015 4

Both Tata Sky and Videocon d2h DTH service providers in India have launched their 4K set top box - Videocon D2H 4K Ultra HD and Tata Sky 4K. 4K is 4 times the pixels resolution of the Full HD. More the number of pixels means more crisp/sharp and detailed video will be.

The display quality depends not only the display screen but also on the content quality. That is there must be 4K content available to make use of a 4K display screen. For example even if you have a Full HD TV, it does not mean it will play all the video in Full HD resolution. There has to be Full HD content available. Like currently we have only HD content available and that too by few number of channels. And for viewing this HD content, along with a HD TV you need to not only have HD set top box like TATA Sky HD or Videocon D2H HD but also subscription to HD channels like Star Plus HD or Star Sports HD1.

And the big irony of these 4K set top box launches is that at the moment only few of the content providers have HD content available, forget about the 4K content ! First of all, for 4K content the video makers have to do the recording in 4K resolution and the equipment for that is not cheap. Secondly, higher the content resolution, more will be its size and the DTH providers will need to upgrade their infrastructure to transmit that. So the 4K content is not coming anytime soon (might be 1-2 channels are launched this year to create a hype and market the 4K TVs and 4K set top boxes).

Should you buy 4K set top box?

Note: You need a 4K TV to watch 4K content. Also it has been found out that the TV size should be atleast 65-inch to actually notice the difference between Full HD and 4K resolution videos from a normal distance we watch the TV from.

If you already have a HD set top box - then no need to upgrade to 4K set top box as 4K channels are not coming anytime soon.

If you already have a SD (standard) set top box and planning to upgrade to HD set top box - then better buy 4K set top box as it is future ready and plays 4K, HD, and Standard channels. Also the price of the HD and 4K boxes is almost same. The same applies if you are planning to buy a new HD set top box, buy 4K box instead of HD one.

Tata Sky 4K Set top Box Price - Rs.6,400

Videocon D2H 4K Set top Box Price - Rs.6,590

For existing Videocon D2H subscribers - Videocon D2H 4K UHD Set top Box Price - Rs.5,990

Book Videocon 4K set top box here.

Book Tata Sky 4K set top box here.

Tata Sky 4K UHD Set top Box Key features : 

  • 4X Sharper Picture - 4 times the resolution of Full HD
  • True colour - 10 bit True colour
  • Widescreen Aspect Ratio - 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • HDMI 2.0 - HDMI 2.0 to support higher frame rate
  • Dolby Digital Plus - 7.1 channels of premium quality Surround Sound


    • System Capabilities - DVB-S2; MPEG-4 Part10, HEVC
    • Demodulator Front End - DVB-S2 8PSK and QPSK
    • Video Decoder - MPEG-4 PART 10; HEVC up to 4K p60
    • Video Format - PAL
    • Impedance - 75 Ohm
    • Frequency Range - 950MHz - 2150MHz
    • LNB Supply - 13/18 V, 500 mA
    • Min. Signal Level - -65dBm to -25dBm
    • Input Voltage Range - AC 100 - 270, 50-60 Hz
    • Power Supply - Adaptor DC 12V / 3.17A, 38 Watts
    • Power Consumption - 38 W
    • 1 Satellite Signal Input - F-Type Female IEC 60169-24
    • Composite Video Output - IEC 48B Sec 316 (RCA) Female (Yellow)
    • Composite Audio Output - IEC 48B Sec 316 (RCA) Female (White & Red)
    • HDMI Video Output - HDMI Receptacle Connector
    • SPDIF Output - Optical
    • USB Port USB - Type A Socket [2 No.s]
    • Ethernet Connection - RJ 45
    • Dimensions - 300 mm (W) x 193 mm (D) x 57.5 mm (H)
    • Net Weight - .86 Kg
    • Operating Temperature Range - 0-50 deg C
    • HDMI Cable - HDMI 19P / M Moulding Type; 1500mm
    • Remote Batteries - CR2025

Terms and Conditions for Videocon D2H 4K UHD Set Top Box :

  • The product package shall consist of: One 4K Ultra HD STB, One Smart Card (inserted in the STB), One Remote, One Coin Battery, One HDMI Cable, One Power Adaptor, One User Guide Book / Manual of Practice ("Product"). Individual items are not for retail sale. Specially packed for the purpose of servicing DTH Industry.
  • The Offer Price (Rs. 6590/- is applicable for new Customer and Rs. 5990/- is applicable for the existing Customer) is inclusive of cost of the Product, standard installation/ activation charges and applicable taxes, if any. The New Customer shall be bound to pay Rs. 375/- at the time of activation to our authorised engineer. The aforesaid Offer Price for the New Customer includes the amount of Rs. 375/- to be paid by the Customer at the time of installation.
  • Standard Cable Length is 10 meters, any cable usage beyond 10 metres will be charged @ Rs.12 per meter by the authorized engineer, which need to be paid by Customer, at the time of installation, on actual length of the cable .
  • The Customer can pre-book the Product either through our website www.videocond2h.com or by calling our Customer Care helpline number 07355873558.
  • The Product will be installed by Videocon d2h authorized service engineer on the address provided by Customer to Videocon d2h, at the time of pre-booking of the Product. In case of any change in the address, Customer needs to call the Customer Care helpline number or write to us at customercare@d2h.com
  • Warranty is applicable only on 4K Ultra HD Set Top Box for a period of One (1) year from date of installation.
  • Under no circumstances whatsoever, the Customer shall be entitled to claim refund for the amount paid for the Product.
  • Product will be provided on rental basis only.
  • Product will be delivered within fourteen (14) working days from the date of booking / realization of payment whichever is later. Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Terms and Conditions, Videocon d2h is not liable for any delay in delivery of the Product.
  • The Existing Customers opting for up-gradation their existing CPE with the Product need to simultaneously return the existing CPE, its Smart Card & remote control.
  • 4K channel(s) will be provided by us on event basis, as & when the 4K feed is provided by the broadcasters, which will be charged in addition to the package subscription.
  • For New Customers, subscription to Platinum HD/ New South Platinum HD pack is mandatory for activation of the 4K Ultra HD STB. In addition to 4K channel(s)/ content, Customers can continue to use the Product to view the Standard Definition and High Definition channels.



Videocon D2H 4K Ultra HD and Tata Sky 4K Set Top Box Launched
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BE CLEAR !!! you need every thing of same genre,e.g. a 4k tv/4k stb/4k channel plan.then you would be able to enjoy a 4k experience.
and very important is your urge for 4k,because its costs more to afford ; )


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