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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Review & Setup - After 3 Months of Usage

23 April 2016 1

Air pollution in Indian cities is alarming specially in Delhi-NCR. I was looking for my first Air purifier for home usage and after lots of research I finalized Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2.

Why I chose Xiaomi Mi Air purifier 2:

  • Affordable price
  • Futuristic design
  • In-built Wireless connectivity
  • In-built Temperature and humidity sensor
  • App support
  • Single replaceable filter
  • Innovative company

Update 02-Oct-2016

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is now available on Flipkart, buy it here.

Update 21-09-2016:

Today the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is officially launched in India.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Price in India: unavailble

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Replacement Filter Price in India: Rs.2,499.

Update 28-09-2016: It is currently out of stock at Mi.com after the first sale which started on 26 Sept. 2016. It will be available on Flipkart and Mi.com from 2nd October 2016.


The major issue in buying Xiaomi Mi Air purifier 2 was its non-availability in India at the time of buying. So I bought it from Gearbest.com at US$160 ( + $15 shipping charges + custom duty up to 30% may apply on imports).

Review after 3 months of usage

  • Smart Air purification - smart sensor in auto-mode
  • Minimal space taken in room, stylish design, Solid build
  • Easy to setup
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and App support - Use smartphone as a remote
  • Realtime room's PM2.5 reading in mobile app
  • 3 modes - Auto, Sleep, Powerful
  • Single filter - No need to worry about status/replacement of number of filters

  • No auto-restart in case of power restart (like in power cut, no matter how quick the power backup comes up, you have to start the filter manually or via app)
  • High noise in powerful mode
  • Not launched in India, no official warranty, imported one comes with flat pin plug
  • Filter life is less (depends on pollution level) - Up to 3 months in Delhi-NCR.
  • No official availability of filter
  • App has some info in Chinese (initially most info in chinese but changes later with respect to the smartphone language)

Final verdict : It is a value for money air purifier and is lot better than the air purifiers available from popular home electronics brands in India in terms of features, design, and convenience.

Xiaomi Mi Air purifier 2 Price in India : unavailble

Xiaomi Mi Air purifier 2 Filter price: Rs.2,499
Xiaomi Mi Air purifier 2 Filter life: 3-6 months 

Xiaomi MI Air Purifier 2 Coupons at Gearbest.com

  • Group Coupon Code: GBMiAirP
    • Price after using coupon: $159.99
    • Valid upto: 2016-6-30
  • Flash Coupon Coupon Code: xiaomiPurifier
    • Price after using coupon: $163.99
    • Valid upto: 2016.6.30

Video text:

Hey Guys, this is the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2. It is a stylish design purifier which will not only takes minimal space in your house but also improves the decore with its futuristic design. It has CADR value of 310 which is suitable for air purification up to 400 sq ft room.

This one is the new variant of the Mi purifier with being more compact, energy efficient, and produces less sound in comparison to its predecessor. These are the Air inlets and the purified air is thrown out of the top.

This is the filter compartment. Unlike other purifiers this one comes with a single all-in-one filter which not only filters dust particles including PM2.5 & PM10 but also filters harmful gases including the toxic Formaldehyde. The filter life is 3 to 6 months but my first filter worked efficiently only 2.5 months probably due to high air pollution in Delhi-NCR. After 2.5 months it started throwing bad smell air, so I replaced it with a new one. Like in most air purifiers, the filter installation is quite easy, just pull out the old filter and put the new one like this.

This is the purifier's power cable and is removable from the filter. It comes with a 3-flat pin plug so I used this flat pin socket from Belkin with surge protection.

This is the control button of the purifier. It comes with in-built Wi-Fi using which it can be connected to your smartphone and a Android/iOS app is available with an option like remote control the purifier, view real-time PM2.5 in the room's Air, check humidity & temperature, and control purifier's fan speed.

Just above the filter compartment, it has CPU which includes the sensors and above it is the reset button.

I will show you how to connect it to a smartphone. Download MiHome app from the Goole Play store, Open the app, choose server India for English language in the app. You need an account at mi.com to use this app. Enter the account details and sign in. Connect the purifier to power. The app will either auto-detect the purifier or reset the purifier by simultaneously pressing the power button at the top and reset button above the filter compartment. Keep the button pressed till you hear beep sound and the wi-fi LED at the top starts blinking. Once detected, connect the purifier to the home wi-fi router and the setup will be complete in few steps. Now Mi Air purifier shortcut will be ready via which you can access the purifier.

This is the app interface. You can turn on the device, set the auto or sleep or favorites mode. In auto mode the purifier will set the fan speed according to the air pollution level inside the room. In sleep mode the operation will be quite and steady. In favorites mode the fan speed will be the highest and purification will be fastest. You can also adjust the fan speed in the favorite mode by holding the favorites button and sliding the fan speed control. The pollution sensor will take few minutes to measure the PM2.5 level in room's air.

Here are the room temperature and humidity readings, and the filter remaining days. You can also change the settings like disable beep sound, turn dim or off the LED light, and in more settings update the app among other options.

Here are the two shortcuts that the app will create - MiHome & Mi Airpurifier. MiHome is common console if you are using more than one of Xiaomi's smart home devices.

What I liked about this purifier is its compact/stylish design, Wi-Fi connectivity, App support, and Realtime room's PM2.5 readings. What I disliked about it is No auto-restart in case of power restart (like in power cut, no matter how quick the power backup comes up, you have to start the filter manually or via app), a needed feature in India as power cuts are frequent.
It has quite high noise in the powerful mode. It is not launched in India, so no official warranty, no official availability of filter. The Filter life is 3-6 months but also depends on pollution level. Overall I liked it and is a value for money purifier due to an affordable price. I bought it from gearbest.com, you can check the link below in the description. Also check the website's review link provided in the description for its price, coupons, and filter's price.



Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Review & Setup - After 3 Months of Usage
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Quite funny that this device is 133 euro (9999 Rs) in India and in China right now is 146 euro.

I'm located in Germany, here this device do not exist.


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