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MyWay IPTV through BSNL/MTNL broadband - Tariff-Plan,Channels,Packages

14 June 2009 25

MyWay IPTV is now available through the BSNL/MTNL broadband connections.For this you have to buy a Rs.2,000 set-top box .The first 2000 buyers will get a free universal remote control with the connection.For this you will require to subscribe BSNL/MTNL(Delhi,Mubai) broadband connection. newtechnology.co.in

Various other features in thr BSNL/MTNL MyWay IPTV are like Music-on-Demand,Video-on-Demand,Parental control,Favourite channels,....etc.

The monthly tariff of the various packages/plans available with the MyWay IPTV are:

  1. Junior Plan - 50 channels - Rs. 100/month
  2. Economy Plan - 76 channel - Rs. 150/month
  3. Value-Pack Plan - 96 channel - Rs.200/month newtechnology.co.in
  4. Super-Value package - 126 channels - Rs.280/month

BSNL and MTNL logo are the registered trademarks of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and Mahanager Telephone Nigam Limited respectively.newtechnology.co.in



MyWay IPTV through BSNL/MTNL broadband - Tariff-Plan,Channels,Packages
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I applied for MTNL IPTV and paid Rs.2000/-. As promised by myway, they installed within a week time. Now its my 3rd day with it, But I don't find much movies on demand option. They should also launch more tamil movies in that.



I made an application for the IPTV through MyWay and the modems was installed in 2 weeks time in Oct 2009.
I was given the modem on a trial run for 2 months. There were few issues which I raised with the MyWay regarding the performanace and channel avialability. After a quite a few follow ups I was told of the limitations.
Based on their recommendation I had sent for the cancellation over phone and follwed by mail.

Till now there was no response from MyWay and none of the personnels could be reachable. I tried several times but in vain. No one answers the phone calls.

If MyWay would take cognizant of the plight of customer and take the necessary action it would be nice.

anil kumar

I am subscriver of myway .i have applying conection in 22.09.09 and give the cheque same date and conection start from Ist september 2009 and send the from 22/9/09tooct 2009. when mr lalit come to me praise to taken conection myway that he say to me NO EXTRA CHARGE TAKEN BY COMPANY FOR THREE MONTH. AND ANY CHARGE FOR ANY TYPE OF LOADING. OF NEW FILM OR OLD FILM AND YOU CAN SHOW 126 SUPER VALUE PACK.FOR THREE MONTH NO ANY CHARGE TAKEN .AFTER THREE MONTH BILL WILL BE PAID BY YOU.BUT NOW THIS MONTH 11/2009 RS. 470./ BILL SENT TODAY MTNL ADD MANY SO CHARGE .WHICH IS NOT APPLICABLE . SO ICAN;T PAID BILL AND QUALITY IS VERY POOR PICTURE FREEZING WITH 2MTS TO 3MINTS . I REQUEST TO YOU
MOB. NO 9910387540

anil kumar

WHEN Gve the conection to us say to me better quality beter picture . and that time say if you do not like this cable your full amount will refund same tie . Iahave done many complaint at call center .to remome.this provlem but till date no solution so iam going to taken disigion to back this conection and refund my money . other wise Iwillgo to cosumer cell loge the compailnt for cheating from me...
anil kumar

hopeless service

this is most disappointing service I have found,BSNL should way the option to give myway IPTV to take customers for granted after they subscribe the services are poor quality no body turns up even after complaining several times about problem faced.
I suggest people should not fall prey to Myway IPTV.


Pathetic Service by MyWay IPTV

I am also one of the victim of Myway IPTV services... i have never seen such worst service in my life... everyday IPTV use to stop for no reason and i have to spend >30mins speaking to customercare service... i was also fooled saying customercare number is toll free which is not the case, i lost more than Rs. 300 calling these idiots (myway /Smartvision)... finally cancelled my connections on Oct 19, 2009. but these shameless people not replying for that also.. i have sent "n" numbers of email to them but no response... We all fall prey to them because these guys were using BSNL reputation and cheat us... BSNL should strictly take action against them as it is question against there reputation... I REQUEST PEOPLE NOT TO GO FOR MYWAY IPTV rather choose local cable operator or other DTH services...

Ankur Arora

I am using MYWAY IPTV from about a year now and i like this service very much. When i a got this connection it took me few days because they have to check the feasibility first. As i was using DTH before and i had issues of connectivity during bad weather. IPTV on the other hand works through wired connections and is much better in comparison on aspect of picture quality and other services which i was not enjoying in DTH. I am happy with the service.

Prakash Ranjan Sahu

Recently (Ist week of Oct.'2009), I have been subscribed this scheme for my House at C/10, Sector-56, Noida and my observation is as follows:

1) this is not user friendly, taking much time for starting unlike a normal Cable TV connection
2) Service is very poor. I have lodged my complaint for 4-5 times, no body has come to my door so far to make the system run (System is under 'No Operation" since last 15 days i e: after operation of only 4-5 days I am not able to access it further.

Unfortunate Myway Subscriber

Hi All MY WAY IP TV Enthuziasts,

I would like to introduce you all that I am one of the Unfortunate MyWay Subscriber who had to ditch the local cable wallah who promised to give me a settop box for the cable which improved the connection and clarity (In spite of requests from the cable wala) for My Way subscription which I now regret as it is one of my worst decision. I reside in Bangalore and I was approached by an IPTV marketing exective from My Way also called as Digivision or some other name. This person took a chequeue of Rs 1500/- in the name of Digivision Infotainment on 03-Oct-2009 and promised that the Installation will be done on or before 10 working days. Till date (01/11/09) nothing has been done by MY Way. They always come and check the SNR ratio and if the download stream of SNR is more than 0 they will say that they have to contact BSNL phone exchange and get this SNR margin set to a stable 0 and then only the IP TV instalation could be completed as other wise they say that the picture quality will not be so good at all as per one of the Technician who came to check the SNR parameters. He also recomended that i go for a BSNL Type II modem as he says the Set top box given will require 2 ports and there we cannot connect 2 modems for the same line. Right now i am using a Dlink 502T ADSL router which has a USB & a Ether net modem. I also went through the manual given in the MY Way.in website which shows that all it requires is either a USB / 1 Ethernet port. The MY Way People want me to go for a 3 month trial with BSNL Type II Modem for hire. Also I have only received a few calls from IP TV local office just to know the SNR Margin value for more than 5 times. A few calls from the Call center of MY way just to check if any progress has happened. All these calls have materilized only after making severall calls to the MY Way 1860 xxxxx number and also contacting the Marketing person who took my money anda few of the Technicians who were giving different persons to contact to get this sorted out. I seriously recomend all the fourm users and their friends & relatives that DO NOT BUY MY WAY IP TV AS IT IS NOT WORTH THE TIME, CALLS AND ENERGY YOU SPEND TO GET THIS WORKING. BTW, i have also gone through several fourms and most of them are giving Negative feed back about the same. So Once again i request you not to go for MY WAY IP TV, instead you can get a setup box connected from your cable wala or go for any DTH Service like Airtel / TATA Sky or even that BIG TV connection which is far better.

Unfortunate Myway Subscriber

Ritul Sonania


I stay in Gurgaon, I am user of MyWay IPTV services from last 4 months, installation was rapid and quick. Till now, I have not experienced any difficulties with them. It is working great.

Yeah, customer care might be some lousy, but not always. You should not try it if you have faulty or problematic phone cable from BSNL.



i had applied for myway , it is totally useless service, govt. wasted money and our money. it is better to have TATA SKY or any other pvt. services. Govt. servant cannot do any work


Applied for IPTV, No reply even after a lapse of 20 days,
Payment collected in advance. Hopeles service. Do not opt for this system. Very bad experience.

syed salahuddin

I would say that Iam a victim of IPTV first, I canceled the cable and with high expectations opted for IPTV, It was so dismal I regretted for my actions, next the name was changed to myway it is really a myway as far as the operations are concered and the service is so hopeless there is no one to respond the system is dead over a month or so in Bangalore as far as myway tv is concerned for me, if we call the local office hardly we get the line and every time the operators takes 5 minutes then forget it no response. we do not get the connection back from cable since we have come out from them and got struck with more unresponsive system. some times they give a toll free number only two lines are recorded and we hear the same every time. Whether the mymay in reality to go on its own way I congratulate the person who has intelligently chosen the name myway and there is no other way for the subscribers, the engineers would sent promise never materializes. Could myway shows me some way to come out from this horrible way.

ajay kumar pandey

i have paid Rs. 1500 for iptv installation. but after 2 month it will not installed. two time they responce me. they told that first ichange my modem. after changing my modem they can not contact with them we can not
have there contact no.


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