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EXIDE Inverter Battery Price List in India - Inva Red/Tubular/Mega

20 April 2013 81

EXIDE Inverter Battery Price List in India 2016 - Home UPS and Inverter

Exide Invaplus Batteries

  • Inverter Battery - Exide Invaplus Very low maintenance: Special hybrid alloy system
  • High reliability and extended cycle life: Ribbed free polyethylene pocket type separator along with texturised glass mat - double-clad separation protects the design against internal short.
  • Thickplate construction with special paste formulation.
  • Hybrid alloy system for withstanding high ambient operating conditions as prevalent in India.
  • Easy maintenance: Float/Float Guide to indicate electrolyte level. Bolted type terminals fitted with shroud for easy connection
  • Instant state-of-charge indication: Magic Eye enables instant state-of-charge indication without having to open the plugs
  • Clean top with no surface leakage and fumes: Side vented designfitted with micro porous filter disc
  • Ready for commissioning: Factory-charged

Exide IP650 FIP0-IP650 Price - MRP: Rs.6031, With old Battery: Rs.4900 , Without old Battery: Rs.5440

  • Capacity : 60 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 260x173x225 mm
  • Weight : 18.9 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 4.6 Litres
  • Charging Current : 4.2 A

Exide IP880 FIP0-IP880 Price - MRP: Rs.7305, With old Battery: Rs.5930 , Without old Battery: Rs.6580

  • Capacity : 88 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 410x176x233 mm
  • Weight : 26.6 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 6.8 Litres
  • Charging Current : 6.2 A

Exide IP1000 FIP0-IP1000 Price - MRP: Rs.9275, With old Battery: Rs.6649 , Without old Battery: Rs.8149

  • Capacity : 100 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 410x176x233 mm
  • Weight : 28.0 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 6.3 Litres
  • Charging Current : 7.0 A

Exide IP1350 FIP0-IP1350 Price - MRP: Rs.12075, With old Battery: Rs.8899 , Without old Battery: Rs.10899

  • Capacity : 135 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 508x222x257 mm
  • Weight : 40.5 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 10.9 Litres
  • Charging Current : 9.5 A

Exide IP1500 FIP0-IP1500 Price - MRP: Rs.13667, With old Battery: Rs.9749 , Without old Battery: Rs.12149

  • Capacity : 150 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 508x222x257 mm
  • Weight : 41.9 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 10.4 Litres
  • Charging Current : 10.5 A

Exide IP1800 FIP0-IP1800 Price - MRP: Rs.18225, With old Battery: Rs.11899 , Without old Battery: Rs.14499

  • Capacity : 180 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 521x278x270 mm
  • Weight : 55.2 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 15.9 Litres
  • Charging Current : 12.6 A

Exide IP2000 FIP0-IP2000 Price - MRP: Rs.18790, With old Battery: Rs.13600 , Without old Battery: Rs.16300

  • Capacity : 200 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) 521x278x270 mm
  • Weight : 56.9 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 15.5 Litres
  • Charging Current : 14.0 A

Backup-time - Exide Invaplus Range of Batteries

Electrical Load - Max Inverter Rating - System Voltage - Recommended Battery for Different Back-Up Time

1 Fan + 2 Tube lights - 250VA - 12V - IP1350 (5 Hours), IP880 (3 Hours), IP650 (2 Hours)
1 Fan + 3 Tube lights - 300VA - 12V - IP1500 (5 Hours), IP880 (3 Hours), IP880 (2 Hours)
2 Fans + 2 Tube lights - 350VA - 12V - IP1500 (5 Hours), IP1000 (3 Hours), IP880 (2 Hours)
2 Fans + 3 Tube lights - 400VA - 12V - IP2000 (5 Hours), IP1500 (3 Hours), IP1000 (2 Hours)
3 Fans + 3 Tube lights - 600VA - 12V - IP1800 (3 Hours), IP1350 (2 Hours)
4 Fans + 4 Tube lights - 800VA - 12V - IP2000 (3 Hours), IP1500 (2 Hours)
4 Fans + 5 Tube lights - 850VA - 12V - IP1800 (2 Hours)
5 Fans + 5 Tube lights - 900VA - 12V - IP1800 (2 Hours)
5 Fans + 6 Tube lights - 1000VA - 12V - IP2000 (2 Hours)
6 Fans + 6 Tube lights - 1200VA - 24V - 2S-IP1800 (3 Hours), 2S-IP1350 (2 Hours)
8 Fans + 8 Tube lights - 1600VA - 24V - 2S-IP2000 (3 Hours), 2S-IP1500 (2 Hours)
8 Fans + 10 Tube lights - 1700VA - 24V - 2S-IP1800 (2 Hours)
10 Fans + 10 Tube lights - 1800VA - 24V - 2S-IP1800 (2 Hours)
10 Fans + 12 Tube lights - 2000VA - 24V - 2S-IP2000 (2 Hours)

Exide Invasmart Batteries

  • Inverter Battery - Exide Invasmart Enhanced life: Robust design prevents corrosion in positive plates which lowers degradation and enhances life expectancy
  • Low water loss: Optimised alloy system is most suitable for deep discharge applications by ensuring low water loss
  • Service life: Double-clad separation with special type ribbed PE envelopeand glass mat increases the reliability and service life
  • Easy to connect: Lug type take-off makes the battery easy to connect
  • Easy maintenance: Float with Float Guide indicates MAX/MIN levels of electrolyte
  • State-of-charge: The Magic Eye indicates the state-of-charge of the battery

Exide IM880 FIM0-IM880 Price - MRP: Rs.9200, With old Battery: Rs.7400 , Without old Battery: Rs.8300

  • Capacity : 88 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 505x182x257 mm
  • Weight : 32.7 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 8.45 Litre
  • Charging Current : 6.2 A

Exide IM1000 FIM0-IM1000 Price - MRP: Rs.9500, With old Battery: Rs.8000 , Without old Battery: Rs.9400

  • Capacity : 100 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 505x182x257 mm
  • Weight : 33.8
  • Electrolyte Volume : 8.70 Litre
  • Charging Current : 7.0 A

Exide IM1500 FIM0-IM1500 Price - MRP: Rs.14100, With old Battery: Rs.11000 , Without old Battery: Rs.13200

  • Capacity : 150 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 521x278x270 mm
  • Weight : 52.3 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 14.3 Litre
  • Charging Current : 10.5 A

Backup time Exide Invasmart Range of Batteries

Electrical Load - Max Inverter Rating - System Voltage - Recommended Battery for Different Back-Up Time
2 Fans + 2 Tube lights - 350VA - 12V - IM1500 (5 Hours), IM1000 (3 Hours), IM880 (2 Hours)
2 Fans + 3 Tube lights - 400VA - 12V - IM1500 (3 Hours), IM1000 (2 Hours)
4 Fans + 4 Tube lights - 800VA - 12V - IM1500 (2 Hours)
8 Fans + 8 Tube lights - 1600VA - 24V - 2S-IM1500 (2 Hours)

Exide Little Champ Range of Batteries

  • Little Champ is a unique factory-charged, ready-to-use battery. Powered by an Advanced Hybrid Technology, it is best suited for temperatures in India, unlike most other untried entrants in the market.
  • Unique features and superior technology: Advanced Hybrid Technology that is best suited to withstand the high temperatures prevalent in India
  • Ready-to-use Factory-charged batteries with a polypropylene body, ensures optimum performance in any weather condition. Corner reinforcement ribs added to the rugged design container
  • Corrosion-resistant: Specially designed Radial Positive Grid prevents corrosion, thereby enhancing the life expectancy
  • A dual plate separation (PE + GM) reduces the possibility of premature failure
  • Enhanced safety: Effective fume arrestors are placed on the float assemblies to ensure complete safety. Float assemblies on lid top, for electrolyte level indication are also present in inverter batteries
  • Easy to handle: Moulded handle for 150Ah batteries
  • Reliable Power Back - up for Inverter Batteries
  • Specially designed Cast Radial Negative Grids with a large Surface Area for Inverter Battery Types

Exide EXLC150IN FLC0-EXLC150IN Price - MRP: Rs.9500, With old Battery: Rs.7700 , Without old Battery: Rs.8500

  • Capacity : 150 AH
  • Dimensions(LxWxH) : 508x222x257 mm
  • Weight : 41.3 KG
  • Electrolyte Volume : 10.4 Litre
  • Charging Current : 9.0 A


  • More than 20% extra electrolyte which means lesser topping up frequency and better thermal management.
  • Tubular technology.
  • Minimum maintenance, 36 Months Free Of Cost
  • Electrolyte level indicator.
  • Suited for frequent and long power outages.
  • Deep cycle design (800 plus cycles at 80% D.O.D.).
  • Abuse resistant.
  • Faster recharge.

Exide IR300+ Price (Capacity 80Ah) - MRP: Rs.9190, With old Battery: Rs.7300 , Without old Battery: Rs.8800
Exide IR350+ Price (Capacity 100Ah) - MRP: Rs.11175, With old Battery: Rs.9300 , Without old Battery: Rs.10700
Exide IR450+ Price (Capacity 135Ah) - MRP: Rs.15300, With old Battery: Rs.11400 , Without old Battery: Rs.13200
Exide IR500+ Price (Capacity 150Ah) - MRP: Rs.17800, With old Battery: Rs.11800 , Without old Battery: Rs.14100

Exide InvaTUBULAR : The Exide INVATUBULAR range of Torr Tubular Batteries is best suited for inverter applications in Indian conditions. Its superior features have made it an undisputed market leader. The ultimate tubular batteries especially designed with thick tubular plates to withstand long and frequent power interruptions.

  • Tough battery with thicker plates for tough conditions.
  • Made with Exide's Torr Tubular technology.
  • Housed in tall DIN containers.
  • More electrolyte - higher acid volume per ampere hour.
  • Most suitable for deep cycle application.
  • 48 month warranty.

Exide IT400 Price (Capacity 115Ah) - MRP: Rs.13800, With old Battery: Rs.11200 , Without old Battery: Rs.12600
Exide IT500 Price (Capacity 150Ah) - MRP: Rs.20500, With old Battery: Rs.14300 , Without old Battery: Rs.16400
Exide IT750 Price (Capacity 200Ah) - MRP: Rs.29890, With old Battery: Rs.18700 , Without old Battery: Rs.21600

Exide Intellisense INVATUBULAR : Intellisense INVATUBULAR is the world´s first lead acid storage battery with an integrated automatic sensor and LED display. The ultimate inverter battery now comes with an inbuilt battery management system for better usage.

  • Legendary toughness of INVATUBULAR with battery management system.
  • Battery mounted with 10-segment LED indicator.
  • Shows state of charge while charging.
  • Shows time to empty while discharging, depending on connected applications.
  • Records history of charge/discharge cycles in internal memory.
  • Optional RF (radio frequency) based wall mounted Remote Display Unit (RDU).
  • Remote Display available 8-10 meters from battery, with 2 brick walls in between.
  • 48 months warranty on battery/12 month warranty on electronics

Exide IT500 Intellisense INVATUBULAR Price (Capacity 150Ah) - Rs.17,500

Exide InvaGOLD : The Exide INVAGOLD range if Torr Tubular batteries for inverter apllications are most suited to run your valuable gadgets (air conditioners/ digital sound systems/ domestic pumps etc.) during power outages. It's aptly called the Premium Akkumulatoren.

  • Premium tubular range.
  • Extra thick tubular plates ensuring very long life - 1200 cycles at 80 D.O.D.
  • Housed in tall containers which give higher electrolyte volume per Ampere Hour.
  • Micro Porous ceramic vent plugs make it more eco friendly.
  • Very long life.
  • High resistance to corrosion, with inbuilt margins.
  • Suitable for high ambient temperature operations.
  • 54 months warranty

Exide Inva Gold 500 Price - MRP: Rs.17965, With old Battery: Rs.15000 , Without old Battery: Rs.17200

  • Battery Capacity: 150 Ah
  • Battery Type: Tubular
  • Battery Warranty: 54 Months

Exide InvaGO : Exide´s INVAGO range of tubular batteries comes with wheel attached. Thanks to its propriety Torr Tubular technology, INVAGO is a powerful inverter battery, integrated with a trolley and inverter platform for easy mobility and handling. Why huff and puff to move a heavy battery, when you can simply wheel it where you want? It´s truly Tubular Power On the Go.

  • Thick Tubular plates manufactured with Torr Tubular Technology.
  • Housed in rugged cube containers and occupies less floor space.
  • Bottom mounted castor wheels for free movement.
  • Top mounted tray to house inverter.
  • Sliding tray for easy topping up.
  • More electrolyte- higher acid volume per ampere hour.
  • Insulated brass bolt-on connectors for better conductivity.
  • Most suitable for deep cycle application.
  • Long life.
  • 48 month warranty.

Exide IGO150 Price (Capacity 150Ah) - MRP: Rs.25300, With old Battery: Rs.16500 , Without old Battery: Rs.18300
Exide IGO200 Price (Capacity 200Ah) - MRP: Rs.31700, With old Battery: Rs.22700 , Without old Battery: Rs.25900

Exide InvaMASTER :

  • Economical range.
  • Rugged tubular plates.
  • Suitable for frequent power outages.
  • Higher acid volume/Ampere-Hour.

Exide IM3000 Price (Capacity 80Ah) - Rs.7,799
Exide IM4000 Price (Capacity 100Ah) - Rs.8,800
Exide IM5000 Price (Capacity 115Ah) - Rs.9,900
Exide IM7500 Price (Capacity 135Ah) - Rs.11,500
Exide IM8500 Price (Capacity 150Ah) - MRP: Rs.14400, With old Battery: Rs.9900 , Without old Battery: Rs.11900
Exide IM10000 Price (Capacity 150Ah) - MRP: Rs.17200, With old Battery: Rs.11400 , Without old Battery: Rs.13300
Exide IM15000 Price (Capacity 180Ah) - Rs.15,400
Exide IM20000 Price (Capacity 200Ah) - Rs.17,200

Exide Tubular GEL :

  • VRLA convenience with Torr Tubular toughness.
  • Maintenance free tubular battery.
  • Housed in tall EL/DIN containers and occupies less floor space.
  • Gelled electrolyte - no topping up, no spillage.
  • Unscrew-protected durable valve for pressure regulation with filter disc.
  • Most suitable for deep cycle application.
  • Long life.
  • 48 month warranty

Exide IT350 GEL Price (Capacity 100Ah) - MRP: Rs.14900, With old Battery: Rs.11700 , Without old Battery: Rs.13400
Exide IT450 GEL Price (Capacity 135Ah) - MRP: Rs.18200, With old Battery: Rs.14700 , Without old Battery: Rs.16400
Exide IT500 GEL Price (Capacity 150Ah) - MRP: Rs.20800, With old Battery: Rs.16900 , Without old Battery: Rs.18800



EXIDE Inverter Battery Price List in India - Inva Red/Tubular/Mega
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I need 2 150AH batteries for a 1700VA inverter. If I want to run a fridge, LED TV, 3 fans and 4 CFLs, should I buy 2 180AH batteries instead, or the two 150 AH will suffice?
do you sell in Goa?

Pavithra Kumar

I want to buy any one of the following 150Ah Exide tubular batteries. Ineed supply to Mangalore or Kasaragod. Quote your lowest price.

Exide Inva plus IP1500 or
Exide Inva tubular IT500 or
Exide Inva go IGO500 or
Exide IT500 Gel

Anly cheenikal

I want a battery for my inveter. Now a 100 ah battery in my pass is charging voltage is 14.1 . I would like change my battery. plzz advise a good exide battery for my range.

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want to buy exide IM 1500 or IT 500 AGAINST OLD BATTERY 150 AH


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I am interested in buying Inva tubular IT 500
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I want a Exide Tubular Battery, for my residence, one fan & 2 CFL. Please inform which battery suits my requirement, also price & the outlet in Karol Bag.


Hi, I am planning to buy Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 inverter battery. I just checked it on www.batterybhai.com, has anyone else bought from this site.. Thanks in advance.


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