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iRobot could monitor your home cleanliness, sell data to tech giants

26 July 2017 0

If you are a fan of room cleaning robots, you would probably know of Roomba that was known for its futuristic cleaning services that we all wanted to own when we grew up. Today when you search for similar products online, you would surely find tons of options available or popular tech companies are working upon.

What is interesting is what the parent company of Roomba, i.e iRobot is looking forward to and it seems that it aims far more than just dirt cleaning service but rather is there to sell your home’s dirt statistics and space data to tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple. iRobot previously added new features like integration with Google Assistant to connect all Roombas connected via Wi-Fi.

As per the report from a popular online journal, iRobot would give far more insight along with its core functionality of cleaning the home. Offering features like collecting distances that go between furnishings, overall floor space of the home. In addition to this, it could track how clean your home is on average based upon floor space and how often it has to clean up the floor, it would be able to give a better picture of your living to tech giants.

As a result, the companies would be in a much better position to offer your products and services considering a new dimension of data that would help them track you, to serve you better, as they say.



iRobot could monitor your home cleanliness, sell data to tech giants
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