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New VR Display patent from LG helps with 'Screen-Door effect'

25 September 2017 0

Virtual reality is around the corner whereby major tech companies are investing heavily in the industry just like how social media giant Facebook is reported to come up with a $200 VR headset. The industry is expected to grow 10 times by the year 2021 and soon will be one of the daily drivers in our everyday lifestyle. Just recently, LG filed a patent for its new VR technology that aims to improve the image quality and is said to be ‘capable of alleviating a screen-door effect’.

Screen door effect happens when the user is able to see the pixels when seen through the VR set and this is majorly due to the infant stage of the VR technologies available at the moment. A 4K media would look much crisper than a 1080p display inside PlayStation VR, and the industry needs to go far beyond before it gives a near to retinal resolution.

Even though there is no mention of the increase in resolution, the patent describes ‘light diffusion member’ which would be between the display panel and the lens thus helping to improve the image quality. No matter what the company is working upon, we can assume that it could be made part of the upcoming SteamVR headset that is similar to what we saw with HTC Vive.



New VR Display patent from LG helps with 'Screen-Door effect'
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