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Samsung AR Glasses alleged concept videos reveal company’s plans

22 February 2021 0

Almost every big tech brand is working in the area of immersive multimedia. Some have uttered their plans publically and some are yet to come up to the surface and reveal their set objectives. Up until now, we have heard the names of Facebook, Google, Samsung, and even Apple that are investing heavily in AR and VR areas.

The plans of Samsung have popped again, courtesy of a much-known tipster WalkingCat on Twitter. The tipster has shared two videos via their Twitter account. The details on the same are pretty vague since the tipster didn’t put any details forward. In fact, they have posted the caption as a question – “R&D Vision Concept.”

The first video titled “Samsung Glasses Lite” showcases some of the scenarios where the AR Glasses will prove to be helpful. The video shows a user is wearing the said Glasses Lite and all the immersive media is being played in front of his eyes. He is playing games and switches to watching a movie with the help of the connected smartwatch.

The video also shows the Glasses Lite is using Samsung’s DeX support to allow users to be more productively. The user can be seen writing mails and switching to attend a video call. The video shows the user is switching from one to another thing seamlessly with the help of connected smart products.

When going outdoor, the Glasses Lite can double up as sunglasses with the help of Sunglasses Mode. The glasses have a thicker frame and they do not feature any fancy design.

The second video titled Samsung’s “Next Wearable Computing” vision highlights a user interacting with 3D objects as well via “AR Glasses.” The video explains the idea with the help of three sections of the video. First being the AR Office, where a user is able to see a projected keyboard using AR Glasses and interacting with the screen in front of him.

He is doing a zoom-in with an unlimited field-of-view. He is then immediately shifted to Holo Call, the second segment of the video where he can interact with guests virtually.

The last segment highlights AR Simulation, where the user is interacting and trying the interiors at his workplace.

The two videos appear to be some kind of official promotional video. Although, it is very possible that these are just two conceptual videos being used by Samsung internally but got leaked somehow. The style of the videos goes pretty in sync with Samsung's style of making videos. So, we believe these videos are being used by Samsung internally.

Samsung’s name in the VR industry isn’t new. It has launched many Gear VR headsets in the past. And, now it seems the company is ready to try its luck in the AR industry as well. Apple is also rumored to be working on its AR Glasses, so it only makes sense to see Samsung coming in for a competition.

The tipster has a pretty good track record when it comes to revealing stuff related to upcoming launches. So, we would like to put some faith here.

The two videos aren't getting embedded here for some reason but you can take a look at the images taken as a snapshot from the videos. If you want to watch the videos, then head over to the Via link provided below and take a look.



Samsung AR Glasses alleged concept videos reveal company’s plans
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