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Pixel Watch tipped to feature Exynos chip, next-gen Google Assistant

22 December 2021 1

The long-overdue Google smartwatch, presumably called Pixel Watch, is finally appearing to be closer to the launch. There have been a couple of rumors since the start of this month and now, we have a fresh 9to5Google report offering more details. It gives an idea of what hardware and software features can be expected from the smartwatch.

The first thing to note is that the publication has found references that strengthen the possibility of Pixel Watch being the official name. The team spotted the "PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH" tag within the latest Google app version code. The "PIXEL_EXPERIENCE" tag is used by Google apps as a checking measure to know when to offer Pixel-exclusive features. The newly spotted tag suggests that the smartwatch will have Pixel branding and some exclusive features as well.

The alleged Pixel Watch is next claimed to come loaded with next-gen Google Assistant. It is a special version that made its debut with the Pixel 4 lineup of smartphones. One of its major functionalities includes the ability to process speech locally on the device and thus, eliminating the need for communicating with Google servers. It can also make adjustments to the phone's settings even when the device is offline.

The team further ended up spotting an asset while digging into the Wear OS 3 emulator. One can check the four-color "light bar" at the bottom which is the same as the visual identification of the next-gen Google Assistant on Pixel phones. The second important thing to note here is the extra physical button that none of the Pixel Watch renders have shown so far.

Lastly, the report reveals that we might see Google make use of Samsung's Exynos processor for the Pixel Watch. It found evidence in the code referencing the "Rohan" codename. It is unknown whether it will be the same Exynos W920 processor that powers the Galaxy 4 smartwatch or some other model.

The idea of seeing an Exynos chip inside the Pixel Watch is not exactly surprising. Google's Tensor chip for the Pixel 6 series is nothing but a modified version of Exynos. This gives us a hint that maybe, the Pixel Watch processor will also be announced under the Tensor branding. The two companies have also teamed up for Wear OS 3, a new Android-based wearable operating system that we have only seen with One UI layering.



Pixel Watch tipped to feature Exynos chip, next-gen Google Assistant
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