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Wear OS update brings Fast Pair to make pairing headphones easier

27 June 2022 9

Google debuted Fast Pair in 2017 as a way to make it faster and more convenient for users to pair Bluetooth accessories with smartphones. It made the announcement about expanding the feature to other devices including wearables at CES 2022. And now, it has finally released the much-awaited software update.

The latest Wear OS update brings the change that adds Fast Pair compatibility. It is mentioned in the Google System Updates changelog where it is mentioned, "Fast Pair on Wear OS to allows previously paired headphones to be discovered and connected to wearables." The expansion means that it will be a lot faster to pair headphones with one's smartwatch.

It should be noted that the first-time pairing between two devices will still follow the traditional approach. Once the pairing is done, Wear OS will save the device for all future pairings. This will make the whole process of discovering and connecting with the device a lot faster and as convenient as a single tap.

It is speculated that the update has been rolled out as Google is preparing for the Pixel Watch release. It will be the first-ever smartwatch released by the company. There have already been numerous rumors of the wearable including high-quality renders. It is said to have a round dial with a rotating crown on the side. The battery life is claimed to of about a day on the new smartwatch. The pricing is expected to be anywhere between $300 and $400.



Wear OS update brings Fast Pair to make pairing headphones easier
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