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Xiaomi shows Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition with retina-level display

28 February 2023 1

Xiaomi is one of those tech companies which are constantly working in the augmented reality (AR) space. It has shown various glasses in the past and now, it has debuted its latest offering called Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition. The announcement was made at MWC 2023 and revealed that the product is still in the prototype stage.

The Wireless AR Glass features two microLED "retina-level" displays with a peak brightest of 1,200 nits. There is a free-form light-guiding prism module that helps with content creation visible to your eyes. The glass is made up of magnesium-titanium alloy and carbon fiber parts. It has a custom-made silicon-oxygen anode battery which also helps with keeping it lightweight. It is said to weigh just 126 grams which should make it comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

The glass uses electrochromic lenses which help in viewing adjustment as per surrounding lighting conditions. One can easily switch between transparent and immersed modes. The latter one is essentially a complete blackout mode where you will not see what is around you and only focus on the content getting displayed. Under the hood, it is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR 2 Gen 1 platform and also supports the Snapdragon Spaces XR development platform.

As the name of the device is Wireless, it does not need any cable connections to work. Xiaomi's latest AR headset pairs with a smartphone wirelessly. It obviously works with the latest Xiaomi 13 series but will also be compatible with any other Snapdragon Spaces-enabled smartphone. There is gesture support so that you can easily interact with content. The latency is claimed to be as low as 50ms which has been achieved through Xiaomi's own communication link.

The Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition pricing and availability details have not been disclosed yet. This is because the device is a prototype and there is no guarantee it will ever launch commercially. Even if it does, we could see it work completely different from what the company has showcased now.



Xiaomi shows Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition with retina-level display
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